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Where Did They Go?

I decked out the porch, got the candy and put out the pumpkin. Almost no one came! I’m so sad. Even a visit from my little next door neighbor, Arthur, wasn’t enough to fill the gap. Just one fairy princess and then it was on to the teenagers with the chainsaw massacre masks.

There was an earlier storefront trick or treat from 3 – 5 pm. I saw bunches of little teddy bears and tigers out and about in Arlington Center. None of them came to our house, though. Very, very sad!


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6 thoughts on “Where Did They Go?

  1. Helicopter parents supervising whom they visit? Frightened of catching ebola? I heard a weather report that is was pretty cold in places… Maybe the no sugar fad is hitting hard.

  2. we usually have less than 10 – 11 this year I saw lots at a mall, ealier in the day, trick or treating at stores and watching a free magic show traditions are changing…

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