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Back to Hot Water and Holes

plumbing pipes
Nice, New Pipes

Well, one day and $700.00 later, we have new pipes snaking through the now-exposed walls with full access to water, water everywhere. I can take a shower, take a pee and wash my pots and pans in hot water. That is, I’ll be able to do that once I’ve cleaned everything up. My entire kitchen is powdered in plaster dust and I don’t feel like going anywhere near it.

I have to say, the plumbers were fast and really nice. I had another doctor’s appointment late this morning and they were finished and gone by the time I got back.

My health is…well, my health. I might have had a virus a few weeks ago, but it’s slowly going away. My liver enzymes are still elevated, but less so. I feel much better. Still no idea why I had the hallucinations. I saw a neurologist yesterday and he is is as stumped as every other doctor I’ve seen. I’m going to put it down to sleep deprivation and leave it at that.

In the meantime, I wonder if we can swing some new cabinets and a sink? The wall and ceiling repairs are covered by insurance, so that should be okay.

pipe run
How Do You Do? I’ve Been Hiding From You For 100 Years



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