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Acadia Gold

Not only the photo, but the work that went into producing it.

iPhone Photographer | David Pasillas

Acadia-Gold Acadia Gold by David Pasillas

This is one of my new favorite photos. There are a lot of elements that I like about this photo from Maine, but my favorite is the amazing golden light from the sunrise. You don’t get to see too many of those in your lifetime.

This scene posed a bit of a challenge, no matter where we tried to shoot it form. The sunrise was much brighter than the foreground, which meant I had to create multiple exposures and manually blend them in photoshop. If you try to expose for the sky, not only is the water dark, but you lose the motion in the waves. If you try to expose for the waves, the sky gets overexposed. So, the fix is to combine the best of both of those exposures.

I shot this using my carbon fiber manfrotto tripod, its important to have a…

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