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Meet Ms. Doorknob of 2015

Let me start by saying that I live in an old house and nothing built since 1926 really fits it anymore. That makes it a challenge to fix the bits that break down every 50 years or so. Case in point: the old door knob and latch to our one and only bathroom. That thing’s a hoary old veteran that was cast and installed long before my parents were born, never mind me. It was acting up every few years and my husband would disassemble it, monkey around with the springs and levers and then put it back in. Problem solved.

Then one day it stopped working and my husband didn’t fix it. The latch mechanism was frozen open, which did a number on doing your business in private. Still, we managed, until one day I just couldn’t take it anymore. More and more little things were breaking down – old and new(er) – and I really needed to do something about it. One argument and several compromises later I called in a handyman to fix the doorknob and reinstall a door stop for good measure. I also snuck in a kitchen chair repair.

But, I still needed the parts so I plowed through the snow in the biggest boots I own to our neighborhood hardware store. I came home with a soap dish for the bathroom, a screw-in door stop and a replacement door knob assembly. It took a few people to find what I was looking for (do you know how many door handles there are in the world?) but they knew their Arlington houses and fetched something that worked perfectly.

Now I can close my bathroom door without kicking a trash can in front of it or using a hook and eye. I can put my fancy Christmas soaps in their own dish. I can return the chair to its rightful place in the kitchen.

And you know what? I was deliriously happy walking home with my stash. It’s the little things, and the successful hunt for them that makes all the difference!



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