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We have a lovely park not far from where we live with a pond full of ducks in the spring and summer. The Town spruced it up a few years ago and added a canoe launch and a little beach. It’s a lovely little walk with water views that refresh my spirit every time I go.

I use both landscape and portrait orientations when I take pictures. It depends on the subject and the story I’m trying to tell. For example, I used this picture to give folks a sense of what the pond and park looks like as you approach it from a small parking lot:

spy pond
Here We Are at Spy Pond

The photo really captures the peaceful nature of the park, even when it’s full of little kids using the playground to the left of the bike. The paths are lined with gravel and bordered by rocks. All in all, it’s a very small place but its benefits to me are enormous.

I took this picture with a different orientation, since I wanted to give people a sense of depth and the feeling that they were walking to the water on the same pathway:

Spy Pond Pathway
Spy Pond Pathway

This orientation really lets you see the gravel and the border leading to that lovely, sparkling blue. In some places you can actually walk down one or two steps to the water. Or, like me, you can set yourself on one of those comfy stones and look over over a goodly helping of peace and tranquility.


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