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So, here’s our latest #photo101 assignment: bliss. Select an image that represents bliss to you, and then add some additional information, like a caption, description, etc.

I’m tempted to describe bliss as the absence of snow. I’m getting tired of this theme, though, not to mention the real thing. What thing would constitute bliss for me? A waterfall cascading over stepped ledges of jagged rock? Sunset over the water? A walk in a quiet park? Beauty, serenity, yes, but bliss? No, not quite.

The answer hit me as I was getting ready for my day a bit earlier. A shower!


shower head
Humble Bliss

It’s such a humble thing in a very humble room. Our bathroom looks like it came out of a student apartment, but it has all the working parts. We have an old-fashioned claw foot bathtub and no way to easily install an afterthought shower. So we bought a hand-held shower and my husband actually created a ceiling mount for it. Some piping and connector joints later, we had a functioning shower.

Mind you, it’s funky, but the water’s almost always good and hot and the pressure is good and strong. I step into the tub tired and smelly, then emerge sparkling and inspired. In between is pure bliss.


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5 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Great idea for photo101 Bliss! I lived in an RV for a year. Our shower was like a navy shower, turn on & off as you go to save hot water. That experience really gave me empathy for those people in our world who don’t get hot running water and nice long showers. I understood how to appreciate more of what I have.

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