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The Landscapes of My Dreams

Green grass. Blue water. Red berries. Yellow flowers. Sigh. I know they’re coming, but the mere thought makes me nostalgic. New England is beautiful in the summer and fall. You’ve got coastlines, gardens, grand old houses and blue, blue skies. It gets very hot and muggy in Boston, heat island that it is, but the perfect days more than make up for it.

I’m going to dig into my past for these landscape pictures and try a little creative cropping, just like the exercise recommends.

The pond
The pond

Okay, here we go. I took this last summer when my husband and I visited his parents in Newton, about a 20 minute drive away. They live just up the street from Bulloughs Pond and we took a walk around it one afternoon before dinner. I’m going to try cropping it a bit:

The pond
The pond

Well, that’s a little better. The water is more pronounced although the picture seems a bit out of focus to me. Or maybe it’s just my monitor. I tried a few effects on Pixlr (highly recommended online editor, by the way. It’ll let you upload a picture from a URL).



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