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Scavenger Hunt

This is going to be fun. I’m setting up a meditation space in my house and I’m starting to look for objects. So far I’ve got candles, pebbles and rocks and a very pretty top for a busted tranquility fountain. The top has layered rock , with a removable tree and bare branches you can swap out depending on the season. I also dug out some pretty fabrics to adorn tables and blew the dust off of a small Chinese tea pot.

Mmmm, very meditative

I browsed Pinterest and came up with an arrangement that’s on a tray you can move around.  There were several sizes of candles, an Asian tea pot, vases with twisty branch twigs and assorted natural items. I dusted off a pretty oblong tray and am going to work with that. Then I went on an outdoor treasure hunt and came back with some green hedge trimmings and my own twisty little twigs. I did no snapping, pulling or cutting. Everything I got was on the ground.

I still need something I can hold in my hand, like a smooth stone or soft surface of some type. Haven’t found one yet, but I’m still looking.


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