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Here’s Looking at You

kitchen framework
Can you say soffit?

Well, we’re making progress, kitchen-wise. The carpenters are busy leveling the ceiling and adding additional lumber for the eventual finished product. The hubby and I took a little tour this evening and checked things over. One thing we both agree on: our contractor is very, very good. The workmanship at this stage is excellent, as are the materials. Our main objective at this point will be to stay on-budget, since there’s so much potential in a down-to-the-studs room.

I’m particularly happy to find out that our contractor will be installing a temporary sink in the kitchen, which they’ll put up when they’re finished working for the day. We have a slop sink in the basement, which works fine, but I’m getting tired of lugging piles of dishes up and down rickety stairs.

So far, so good. The house is going to need a good cleaning when they’re done, but it’ll be worth it to stand in my lovely new kitchen and cook my foodie heart out.


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