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Let’s Play a Game

Okay, what’s the difference between these two panels? Give up? The large panel is a cabinet sample with a stain called Honey Spice. Light, but with a bit of color to give it some depth. We chose that color for the kitchen.

Now what about the small sample on top? If you squint you’ll see that it’s lighter. In fact, it’s just the original oak color of the wood. Pretty, but a little light.

Finally, guess which color came in when the cabinets finally arrived this morning? You guessed it! I have a kitchen full of natural wood oak cabinetry. Total snafu and I can’t tell if they heard me wrong or I heard them wrong. There are no heads to chop off and roll.

So we had two choices. Return the cabinets and wait another month for the Honey Spice colored one to arrive. That’s the color I meticulously matched to the flooring, the counters and the paint. Or we could just go ahead and install the natural oak cabinets. Kinda’ washes out some of the color contrasts, but not fatally so.

I guess we’re going with natural oak. I want my damn kitchen back and at this point I’d agree to almost anything to make that happen. I’m mostly upset that I spent so much time and energy hunting down matching colors and patterns and that entire effort was largely wasted. When you’re self-employed, that’s lost income as well.

I’m could bang my head against a wall, but I won’t. Good enough will have to do in this case and the kitchen will still look beautiful when it’s done. I’m holding back an impulse to throw something and othwise get hysterical. I’ll just write it out instead and go for some long walks this week.



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