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So It Comes to This

I’m doing my own little version of a boycott tomorrow,  by turning off my radio, newspaper and social media feeds until this travesty of an inauguration is done. Perhaps I’ll work on my drawing skills, or finally get back to the novel I wrote that’s sitting on my floor, awaiting edits and rewrites. This is not so much a protest as self-protection, as watching or hearing the event would only result in depression, fear and anger. There are better ways to respond, and I’ll be doing that the day after, on the Boston Common.

The Womens March on Washington will be mirrored in cities across the US and the world and Boston will be no exception. The Boston Womens March Facebook page indicates that 38,000 people have responded “yes,” to say that they’re coming while a total of 40,000 say they’re interested.

I’ll be going to the event with several other people I know. A good friend of mine is the main organizer of our group of 16. That number includes young and old alike and not a few business people as well. We all have something to lose and at least 16 of us are going to let Washington know that we’re watching to make sure our democracy remains intact.


Evidently, this march is happening in other countries as well: London, Helsinki, Nairobi, Tokyo, Athens, Capetown and more. I am humbled by this global show of solidarity and sisterhood, also embarrassed and angry that my nation has forced this crisis on so many who have had nothing to do with us or our policies. The US is a huge economic and military power and what we do carries consequences word wide. So, we march and we protest and we do the most we can to stop this wave of extremism that has so traumatically washed up onto our shores.


I’ll take pictures and share them here. If you’re marching elsewhere, please do the same!


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