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The Weekly Bean – on Friday

Hey – I actually took three whole days off last weekend! I read my book (yes, that paper thing you hold in your hand), visited my in-laws, did some gardening and drank up the sun. The tomatoes and basil are in the ground and the window boxes are up and ready. My beans are continuing to grow, as beans will do if you treat them properly. Now they have new neighbors, that’s all.

I also harvested a few heads of the lettuce and spinach and have put together a multitude of salads with them. Can’t wait for them tomaters!

The hubby took my picture next to my long postage stamp of a vegetable garden. I’ll send it off to my family as soon as they get their new computer.

And That's A Margy Growing Right There
And That’s A Margy Growing Right There
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The Monday Bean, on Tuesday

Well, my excuse was that it was cold and overcast yesterday. And I had to go food shopping, which in our case is a project since we buy produce in one place and our other groceries in another. We were low on everything and I still have crisper drawers to clean out.

Blah, blah, blah and no more excuses. I did take pictures of the beanies yesterday and they’re pretty amazing. Glad to see some things are happy with all this rain!


Bean Sprout
Chilly Beany
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30 Days of Margy

Oh, boy, just what you wanted! Now my Blogging 101 mentors have directed us to create an editorial calendar to schedule posts over the next 30 days. Hey, no fair guys – that’s work! They have a point, though: discipline, discipline, discipline! My blog isn’t going to write itself. That being said, I still want to have fun. Remember, I Majored in English in college. I had to write lots and lots of term papers. Even though I was quite good at cranking them out, I really didn’t enjoy the experience.

It’s different with blogging. Here I’m just talking and sharing stuff with friends. I’m having a good laugh, not analyzing Shakespeare (or Ralph Waldo Emerson). True, the analysis did help develop my communication skills, but not as much as just plain old writing.

So, in that sense, a calendar makes sense. I’ve already committed to a weekly feature (The Weekly Bean), so there’s that to plan for. Yes, good practice. And especially useful for my business writing which is a challenge to keep from being so dry it’ll float away.

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Margy’s Blog, Featuring…Margy!

I’ve let a few assignments for my Blogging 101 challenge slide. I decided I needed a bit of time relaxing and chilling out with relatives, which I did in abundance over the weekend. My own mother passed away last November, but I have a mother-in-law that I love dearly and I got the chance to shower gifts, food and friendship with her.

So, back to work. Today, I need to start a series of post features. It could be anything that interests me, in any media format I choose. So, here’s what I’m going to do: my garden vegetables are starting to show a little hope. The lettuce is springing up nicely, as is the spinach and mint (it’s really hard to kill mint, so that doesn’t count). And, I’m starting to see a few green bean shoots just starting to pop their heads up. Not many, yet, but at different stages of development. We’ve had some intense rain, so I’m hoping the seeds haven’t been washed away during the latest monsoon. But, we shall see. We all shall see, starting today!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Weekly Bean! Brought to you by Margy’s Garden.

The Weekly Bean, Volume 1, May 12, 2014