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Brunch on the Spot

I hosted a last-minute Easter brunch today. Most of the people I invited already had plans. My mother- and father-in-law were available though, since they do Passover, and we ended up having an extraordinarily lovely afternoon with delicious food, a quiet street and plenty of time to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

I’m learning how not to kill myself preparing and hosting food events like this. I put together a quick bread yesterday that used up extra ripe bananas and nuts. I also whipped up some deviled eggs and cut up a pineapple. The rest were things that were easy to throw together today, like a fruit salad and fruit smoothies. The most work – and it was minimal – were buttermilk blueberry pancakes. I just weighed up the dry ingredients and blenderized the liquids. I had leftover buttermilk from an earlier cooking project, so I felt even more virtuous.

The meal started with champaign mimosas, which calls for half orange juice and half sparkling wine. Pour and stir. I also had chicken sausages and turkey bacon, but we didn’t consume those. I popped the sausages into the broiler and then forgot about them. Oops! Good thing we have smoke detectors.

So, a lovely and low-labor day. Nice!

Now, how about you?

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Easter Ham and Matzoh

Easter Ham, originally uploaded by Dan Hacker Photography.

Burp! Lovely two days, yesterday around a Seder table and today back at my house surrounding a table of Easter goodness.

I usually raid a few authentic Polish delis in time for this holiday but this year never made it there. So, I splurged on some goodies at Whole Foods: various cheeses and crackers, marinated olives, prosciutto, Portuguese sweet bread and sesame-coated Italian bread. I got chocolate-caramel brownies for dessert. I’d bough a ham shank a few days earlier at our local supermarket.

On our way to my in-laws seder we stopped at a middle-eastern food store for a fabulous eggplant-based dip. While were were there I found a very nice looking beet salad for Easter.

The seder was lovely, as it always is. Good “kibitzing” following by singing and eating. Now who can argue with that?

Happy Easter and Passover to you all. I hope you return to your regular lives on Monday relaxed and refreshed!

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Happy Easter

It’s not very often that Passover and Easter fall on the same day/week. I’ve got myself a ham for Easter, along with some sweet breads, smoked fish, cheese, crackers, olives and prosciutto. It’s not exactly a traditional Polish meal, but it’s close enough.

There’s a very authentic Polish neighborhood in Boston, with three delis and a Polish restaurant. Go into any of these establishments during the week and you won’t hear a word of English. I won’t eat kielbasa from anywhere else!

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Power to the Peep-le

Yes, it’s getting on to that time again – more fun with marshmallow peeps. For those of you not from the US, marshmallow peeps are chick or rabbit-shaped marshmallows in a variety of colors. They look gaudy and taste awful. Kids love them so they are de riguer for Easter.

Peeps are front and center for artists at this time of year, at least artists with a sweet tooth or a sense of humor. Actually, both. The Washington Post actually put on a peeps contest, to come up with the most interesting peep-inspired diorama. The winner for 2012? Occu-peep Washington!

We Are the 99 peep-cent!

But why stop there? Go visit the Washington Post and see what else peep artists have come up with!

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Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Easter EggsDeath and rebirth – the theme of spring! Happy Easter to everyone.

What are all your Easter plans? My husband and I will be going out for an Easter Sunday brunch at a local restaurant.

And, the trees are budding like mad! There’s a crown of fresh, light green over every tree. It’s glorious.

For those celebrating Passover, I hope you’ve had a wonderful week of Seders. I went to my in-laws house on Monday night to celebrate with the whole family, including my two nephews from upstate New York.

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Solstice!

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Easter Peace: Pax Christi’s Stations of the Cross

I just found this site. I’m not religious, although I was raised a Roman Catholic. This is a very strongly non-violent, anti-war interpretation of the Stations of the Cross.

My thanks and respect go to the Rev. Sebastian Mucilli and the members of Pax Christi USA, a worldwide Catholic peace movement. These guys don’t pull any punches and manage to integrate the call to worship with the call to peace and justice, Christian-style.

There are so many religious wing-nuts out there, it’s nice to come across a group whose values I share. The interpretation of the stations of the cross, shown via contemporary photos of scenes from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, is very moving. Take a look.

(Background). In the Fall of 2005 Daniel Maguire, Professor of Ethics at Marquette University, delivered a lecture entitled The Lies of War. He dedicated his talk to a 10-year-old Afghan, Mohammed Noor. The boy was having Sunday dinner when an American bomb struck his home. He survived but with the loss of both eyes and both hands. Dr. Maguire reminded his audience, “The sightless eyes of this child should haunt us to the end of our days and sear on our souls the absolute need to not just pray for peace, but to do something to make it happen.”


Soldiers and Prisoner
Station 1: Christ is Condemned to Death


Soldier with Child
Station 2: Jesus Accepts His Cross

Read the rest of the article here.