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Calmer Moments

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Just Relax

Well, I did something good for myself this morning. My day started with an estimate from my insurance company: a rather piddling final estimate for repairs to my kitchen. This was not a good sign of how the rest of the day would go.

The first stage of relief came when I mentioned the amount to my husband. He thought that was not a bad estimate and was in line with what he thought the repairs would cost. I then went through my files and found my contractor’s estimate, which was about $2,000 higher than the insurance company. I think at this point I’m ready to drop this whole back-and-forth shit and call it done.

My chest was tight with tension, though. That happens when I get overly stressed. I start having trouble breathing and I can’t concentrate. Fortunately, I remembered that I’m trying to integrate more meditation into my day and decided to do a five minute online session. It really helped. My breathing calmed down, at least temporarily, and I felt more focused and centered.

So, want to try it for yourself? I started a five minute meditation at Enjoy!