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Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Actually, the sink is here, standing in a huge box on our front porch. The faucets arrived yesterday. There are shiny brass handles on our new cabinets and the counter top folks are coming Tuesday to measure the room for their lovely, polished granite.

kitchen cabinets

It really does look a whole lot snazzier with the gold handles. The kitchen crew is still here, hard at work adding more cabinetry and setting up the alcove for the refrigerator. Our appliances are coming on Tuesday. We’re not sure when the flooring will be coming in. Soon, I hope.

I’m really sick of microwaved and crock-potted meals. I’m filled up to my eyeballs with raw salads and have no idea how I’m going to cook green beans without a stove. Maybe I’ll dump boiling water from the kettle over them to blanch. It’s something, at least. I’ll be leaving town for a few days to visit my family in upstate New York and I wonder if the kitchen will be done by then or if the hubby will be left on his own with the microwave for the weekend.

We’re back to washing dishes in the basement, since the temporary sink has been replaced with cabinetry. It’ll be beautiful when it’s all done – no doubt about it – but the wait is killing me! Good thing my office is air conditioned.

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Let’s Play a Game

Okay, what’s the difference between these two panels? Give up? The large panel is a cabinet sample with a stain called Honey Spice. Light, but with a bit of color to give it some depth. We chose that color for the kitchen.

Now what about the small sample on top? If you squint you’ll see that it’s lighter. In fact, it’s just the original oak color of the wood. Pretty, but a little light.

Finally, guess which color came in when the cabinets finally arrived this morning? You guessed it! I have a kitchen full of natural wood oak cabinetry. Total snafu and I can’t tell if they heard me wrong or I heard them wrong. There are no heads to chop off and roll.

So we had two choices. Return the cabinets and wait another month for the Honey Spice colored one to arrive. That’s the color I meticulously matched to the flooring, the counters and the paint. Or we could just go ahead and install the natural oak cabinets. Kinda’ washes out some of the color contrasts, but not fatally so.

I guess we’re going with natural oak. I want my damn kitchen back and at this point I’d agree to almost anything to make that happen. I’m mostly upset that I spent so much time and energy hunting down matching colors and patterns and that entire effort was largely wasted. When you’re self-employed, that’s lost income as well.

I’m could bang my head against a wall, but I won’t. Good enough will have to do in this case and the kitchen will still look beautiful when it’s done. I’m holding back an impulse to throw something and othwise get hysterical. I’ll just write it out instead and go for some long walks this week.


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The Color of Progress

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping my kitchen will be done soon. At this point we’ve got everything but the kitchen sink -no, literally. We haven’t selected one yet. Otherwise we have cabinets, appliances, counter tops, flooring and paint, which the contractor slathered on today. Ooh, color!

Nice contrast

It really transformed the place, which has looked like this for a long time:

White, white, white

I’m tickled, especially if the cabinets come in as predicted on Friday. We’re using a makeshift kitchen with a microwave, toaster oven, small fridge and a crockpot. I have to say, that routine is getting pretty old. I want a stove!



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Moon Base

man walking through snow and wind
Who left the door open??

It’s finally winter – and I hate it. We don’t have pretty snow. We have a light cover and very fierce winds. It’s really cold and there’s nothing to compensate for it: no snow-dappled trees or the satisfying crunch of my boots as I walk through the white world.

No, it’s just disgusting. The sound of the wind outside makes me feel like staying in bed all day. Mind you, this is pretty much the way it’s supposed to be in January (minus the snow pack). We’ve all been spoiled by the mild winter up until now. We were practically in shirtsleeves outside at Christmas. Now it’s like my image of a moon base – barren and cold. Yikes!

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Goodbye, 2015. Don’t let the door slam your butt on the way out. I have no idea what 2016 may bring, but I sincerely hope it will be better than 2015. I don’t even have my own new year’s resolutions. My brain won’t go that far. So, I went to a food and fitness site, Sparkpeople, and grabbed one of theirs: a 30-day declutter challenge. Day one: clean out my medicine cabinet. Now that I’ve had a snack and some water for fortification, I’m off to haul some very old drugs and other paraphernalia out of that dusty old cabinet.

One good habit I’m forming: mindfulness meditation on a regular basis. It really makes a difference. I’m calmer and more focused, at the same time I’m rested and feeling very relaxed. Can’t beat that!

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WordPress User Interfaces and Revolutionary Reactions

I teach WordPress, using Unfortunately, that option may be coming to an end. If you’re a user, you’ve probably noticed the ongoing succession of user interfaces (beep, beep, boop, anyone?). I’ve had to rip up and re-write class documentation almost every time I’ve conducted a class, which is usually twice a year. This time my students and I were confronted with a dashboard on top of another dashboard, an “improved posting experience” (which is anything but) and a lot of bloat overall. What’s worse, doesn’t seem to be listening. They’ve dumbed-down the posts and pages editors to make them more amenable to mobile devices. Too bad if you preferred what they had before. You can get to the classic editor, but not without jumping through multiple hoops.

I may have to call it quits on the teaching, at least using this platform. It’s too klugey and too confusing for me and for my students. I work with folks who want to create websites and/or blogs, then get on with life with a minimum of fuss. I can’t offer that anymore.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m seriously thinking about moving most of my websites and blogs over to a self-hosted version of wordpress. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do about the class. I have a multi-site installation set up for something else (You can set up wordpress so that it will host its own sites. That’s how is set up). I may simply move there and continue teaching if the school will have me under those conditions. Basically, at this point I have my own web hosting and website network. Yikes! Take me home, mommy!

So, anyway, are you guys as frustrated as I am? At this point I feel like taking an example from my country’s revolutionary beginnings and take some pot-shots at the redcoat army:

Is this the end, Are we really splitting apart?

Oh, yeah, Patriot’s Day was last weekend. We spent a fun afternoon watching Revolutionary War re-enactors battle it out.

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The Color of Boring

I have a routine medical procedure on Monday and there are a few days of dietary prep involved. I wish I could say I was a happy girl today, but I can’t be joyful after several days of white food. Whole grains are forbidden, as are fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. I can have canned vegetables and fruit, which are awful by the way. I can also have Jello, clear broth, applesauce and smooth peanut butter.

In a word: boring. I’m also really hungry all the time, since most of the food I eat falls unequivocally into the “forbidden” category. Actually, the worst is yet to come, but I won’t subject you to that. Let’s just say that I’m really looking forward to Tuesday.