Golf Balls

golf ball in grass
My new shoe accessory

Yes, you heard that right. Golf balls. Right now two of them each are crammed into the front of my athletic shoes. You won’t believe how much I’ve wanted to get my hands on these little, bitty balls since my podiatrist suggested I use them to break in my shoes. After the golf balls, I’m going to shove in tennis balls.

I have almost flat feet and that’s done a number on my toes. They’re all bent towards the big toes. The big toes, however, are bent in the opposite direction, almost but not quite cramming into my middle toe. That leaves a steadily worsening bunion on both feet. I haven’t been able to wear new shoes comfortably in over a year. After a few hours, my otherwise well-fitted shoes are wearing against the bunion, causing a great deal of pain. I have one pair of athletic shoes that I can wear. They’re practically collapsed and have huge holes in the front, near the toes. People look down on them politely and I explain that the problem isn’t the shoes, it’s the feet.

I finally broke down and went to see a new podiatrist, one that’s covered by my health insurance. He was a wonderful, informative fellow who suggested the golf ball-tennis ball approach. There were some other devices I could try if the above-mentioned items don’t work. No mention of surgery, or of new orthotics. I’ve worn orthotic arch supports for years. My first podiatrist replaced them every year which, I’ve since learned, did a lot more for his pockets than it did for my feet. My second podiatrist excoriated the first and said changing orthotics that frequently was ridiculous. How did that guy sleep at night, he wondered? My third – and current – podiatrist said he had a pair of orthotics he’d worn for 25 years. In many cases, he said standard arch supports you buy at drug stores were sufficient. Alas, in my case they are not. But, my orthotics are fine.

I’ll try on the new athletic shoes in a few days, after they’ve (hopefully) broken in) and see how they feel. I’m crossing my fingers and getting ready to dance!

Making History

Boston Globe article
A Second American Revolution?

I made history yesterday, along with several¬† million people all over the world. I participated in the Boston Women’s March for America. We were 175,000 people strong. By the time we got to the Boston Common, the area was so crowded that we couldn’t hear the speakers, only clapping and roars from the crowd closer in. It took us over two hours just to get from where were stood at the center-rear of the Common to the street where the march commenced. I was surrounded by energy, love, diversity and hope.

I came with 16 other people, organized by my good friend Michele. She gathered family and friends, many of whom came in from other New England states to participate in the march. Some of those same folks left that same night. I applaud their energy and enthusiasm. We represented all ages. Michele (as well as many of us) is in her 60s. She was joined by siblings, nieces, friends of nieces and more. We had a family tree on its way to Boston Common!

It was an amazing day. Our numbers were far higher than anyone had expected. The same was true of marches in other parts of the country. We were a sea of pink pussy hats yesterday and we sent a message, whether or not our new “president” deigned to hear it. Everyone else did.

I’m still floating today. Every news source was full of stories and pictures of millions of people demonstrating and marching. There were marches in Antarctica, Europe, Asia and Africa. The DC event was the largest protest march in history. Our election put our own people as well as people in the rest of the world in danger. As an American, I have a responsibility to rectify that. Donald Trump was not elected by a majority, but by an antiquated electoral system that did not serve the interests of the American people in November.

I feel empowered, for the first time in months. And, I don’t intend to stop here. The marches were just the first volley in our second American revolution.

So It Comes to This

I’m doing my own little version of a boycott tomorrow,¬† by turning off my radio, newspaper and social media feeds until this travesty of an inauguration is done. Perhaps I’ll work on my drawing skills, or finally get back to the novel I wrote that’s sitting on my floor, awaiting edits and rewrites. This is not so much a protest as self-protection, as watching or hearing the event would only result in depression, fear and anger. There are better ways to respond, and I’ll be doing that the day after, on the Boston Common.

The Womens March on Washington will be mirrored in cities across the US and the world and Boston will be no exception. The Boston Womens March Facebook page indicates that 38,000 people have responded “yes,” to say that they’re coming while a total of 40,000 say they’re interested.

I’ll be going to the event with several other people I know. A good friend of mine is the main organizer of our group of 16. That number includes young and old alike and not a few business people as well. We all have something to lose and at least 16 of us are going to let Washington know that we’re watching to make sure our democracy remains intact.


Evidently, this march is happening in other countries as well: London, Helsinki, Nairobi, Tokyo, Athens, Capetown and more. I am humbled by this global show of solidarity and sisterhood, also embarrassed and angry that my nation has forced this crisis on so many who have had nothing to do with us or our policies. The US is a huge economic and military power and what we do carries consequences word wide. So, we march and we protest and we do the most we can to stop this wave of extremism that has so traumatically washed up onto our shores.


I’ll take pictures and share them here. If you’re marching elsewhere, please do the same!

Picture Muscles

Getting a tad better, albeit slowly. Who’s got the time to spend all day drawing and learning how to draw? That’s not the only artistic endeavour I’m behind on (hello, novel?). But, a peaceful and focused afternoon is a rare commodity for me these days.

My television set. I did it as part of a perspective exercise. Nothing fancy, but I learned something. Then I decided to tackle one of the pics I took on vacation, in this case a tuft of ornamental grass.

I even managed to add the shade to the left of the plant. Dang!

Insomnia Chronicles, Christmas Edition

1:27 am any I’m getting ready for bed…eventually. It’s -2 degrees fahrenheit outside and the wind has been blowing like a bastard all day. I’ve stayed in, done work and have continued putting together my Christmas presents. That involves a lot of baking.

My sleep therapist wants me to wait until I’m really tired before going to bed. So, I could be hanging around for a while. It is getting better though. I have never slept normally in my life and even the smallest improvements are gratefully accepted. So, here I come 2 or 3 am.