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Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight

I seem to be on a synth/animation/music kick and have been finding some really fascinating stuff. Okay, it’s interesting to me! Not only is the marriage of art and technology amazing in and of itself, but also what the original iteration subsequently has engendered. For example, a bunch of high school kids from the Solon High School marching band took a shot at “replaying” Pipe Dreams 1 and 2 on real instruments. I have a feeling that the music itself is a dub, but the physical playing behind it looks pretty darn real to me. I can vouch for the classic guitar player, since I studied that instrument in high school. He’s playing it alright.

Anyway, here’s the “original” Animation computer animation, which itself is a riff on the original tune (if that’s what you can call it. Yeah, I guess that’s what you can call it). Give a listen, and don’t be afraid to enlarge the video screen. This one’s high-def!

Okay, that’s fun. Now check out what these kids do with the music. This video is pure high school cornball, but you have to give the creators credit for all their mischief.

And you have to admit – the kid on the xylophone is really, really good! I think they recorded him doing the wooden xylophone (is that what’s it’s called?) and edited the video from there.

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Saturday Night at the Movies

I'm a fan of short animated films and have been finding a lot of good ones lately. I'm attracted to their humor and to their creativity. Some are satirical and fun, some poignant and sad. I thought I'd start a little tradition with a weekly viewing of some of my favorites.

Our first film, ladies and gentlemen: Das Rad. It's a short German film, very sweet and funny, about human evolution from the standpoint of two rock piles who clown around and basically watch the (human) world go by. And go by it does!

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