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End Of A Nice Week

Started my new job this week, harvested all of the basil and tomatoes prior to a predicted killing frost and am sitting comfy (albeit tired) in my living room.

This weekend is Arlington Town Day. I took a pass on the fireworks tonight, but will probably check out the fair tomorrow before heading back for some cooking (all that *$&#*@() basil), picking up and relaxing.

Work is good! I'm employed in the IT department of a hospital. I've never worked for the health care sector and think it will be a nice assignment. Now if I could only afford the wonderful health care I see around me. The cost of health insurance is going to be a killer. I'll be able to afford it, but forget anything like substantial savings or debt reduction while I'm footing that bill.

Now, you non-US folks, I don't want to hear a WORD of complaint about your health care systems! I'd swap ours for yours in a heartbeat. You can have the commercials, too.

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