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Safe and Sound

The presents have been opened. The food’s been prepared and then eaten. Even the leftovers are gone. The families have been telephoned or visited. We’re done for another year.

It was a nice Christmas and a nice Hanukkah, too. Went to a neighborhood Argentinian restaurant (of all places) for our Christmas Eve dinner. Had a lovely meal, then meandered back home to open presents. We videotaped the event for the folks back home, since I have a blog just for them. Then my husband’s side of the family came over on Christmas day and we were treated to fresh latkes (potato pancakes) by his mom, along with a wonderful roasted chicken and salad, made with ingredients from a gourmet food gift box my brother sent me.  More presents were exchanged – nothing huge and complicated. Overall, an enormous amount of fun on both days.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday, whichever one or ones you’ve celebrated. Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy all of your blogs, by the way? I don’t always get a chance to respond, but I do read them all. It’s wonderful to have so many friends in so many places, not just here in the US but in Australia, India, Britain and elsewhere. I’m fortunate, indeed.

Here’s to friendship and to blogging!

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Australia, Are You Still There?

Massive flooding, a mini-tsunami, overturned cars, streets cracked in half, death and drownings. Oh my God. I’ve been so upset about events in Arizona that this calamity didn’t really register with me until I saw a news article this morning – with accompanying pictures.

Hey, are you guys okay over there? Please call in. Let me know!

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Australian Fire Relief

I have a lot of Australian Vox friends and thus have been following the calamities there with some alarm. It sounds horrendous and I hope no one I know here has lost lives or property.

I came across the following fire relief effort in my morning blog reading. The title reads "Get 5 books for the Price of 1 and Aid Victorian Bushfire Victims." That sounded like a good start, so I read on. Here's the intro to the article:

Below I want to highlight an opportunity to help some Aussies get back on their feet after some horrific bushfires AND get some great books to help you improve your blogging.

I thought this was a good start, so I'm providing a link to the article, below. The site is for professional bloggers, so anyone in that industry would stand to benefit. The books look interesting, by the way, if you're in the field:

Now, get out there and do something!

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