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30 Days of Margy

Oh, boy, just what you wanted! Now my Blogging 101 mentors have directed us to create an editorial calendar to schedule posts over the next 30 days. Hey, no fair guys – that’s work! They have a point, though: discipline, discipline, discipline! My blog isn’t going to write itself. That being said, I still want to have fun. Remember, I Majored in English in college. I had to write lots and lots of term papers. Even though I was quite good at cranking them out, I really didn’t enjoy the experience.

It’s different with blogging. Here I’m just talking and sharing stuff with friends. I’m having a good laugh, not analyzing Shakespeare (or Ralph Waldo Emerson). True, the analysis did help develop my communication skills, but not as much as just plain old writing.

So, in that sense, a calendar makes sense. I’ve already committed to a weekly feature (The Weekly Bean), so there’s that to plan for. Yes, good practice. And especially useful for my business writing which is a challenge to keep from being so dry it’ll float away.

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Margy’s Blog, Featuring…Margy!

I’ve let a few assignments for my Blogging 101 challenge slide. I decided I needed a bit of time relaxing and chilling out with relatives, which I did in abundance over the weekend. My own mother passed away last November, but I have a mother-in-law that I love dearly and I got the chance to shower gifts, food and friendship with her.

So, back to work. Today, I need to start a series of post features. It could be anything that interests me, in any media format I choose. So, here’s what I’m going to do: my garden vegetables are starting to show a little hope. The lettuce is springing up nicely, as is the spinach and mint (it’s really hard to kill mint, so that doesn’t count). And, I’m starting to see a few green bean shoots just starting to pop their heads up. Not many, yet, but at different stages of development. We’ve had some intense rain, so I’m hoping the seeds haven’t been washed away during the latest monsoon. But, we shall see. We all shall see, starting today!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Weekly Bean! Brought to you by Margy’s Garden.

The Weekly Bean, Volume 1, May 12, 2014

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Ring of Fire, or Trial by Fire?

Okay, Blogging 101 universe, now I have to write a post based on this prompt:

Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

I’m going to digress a bit from this, since I’ve decided to try and go vegetarian this month (May). I’m not sure it’ll work, not because I’m game but because the hubby has his doubts. He wants his honey ham on a bagel each morning. So, we negotiated: I’ll make vegetarian whenever I’m cooking, he’s free to do what he wants when it’s his turn. I want to see what happens to our food bill, among other things. More than that, though, I just want a break from the usual routine.

I have a few hot-type items to add to my meals: dried chilis, Sriracha sauce and Tabasco, but I’m not one for a lot of heat. A tiny bit livens things up a bit, but too much and the hubby will end up driving me to the hospital. I have a very picky stomach. It doesn’t like deep-fried food, fried eggs, pork bacon or sausage or very hot food. I manage to do without these for the most part. When I haven’t, I’ve paid a very high price.

There’s so much in the world to eat and enjoy. I’m happy with what I’m eating and, if anything, want more variety along the same lines of my current diet of leafy greens, grains, legumes and all colors of vegetables. I went to a local farm stand to start the journey today and came home with Tuscan kale and collard greens (among other things). I’ve got a very nice recipe in which I can use either or both of those. I’m going to enjoy my veggies!

I also stopped in at Trader Joe’s and got some interesting new rice combinations. I’ve never tried black rice, so I bought some and added another bag of a brown rice mixture. Looks interesting.

Rice packages
The Rice Part of Rice and Beans

So, please do give me some recipes if you’ve got them and I’ll share mine with you.

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Jim, The Garden Man

Here comes another blogging assignment. Yesterday I was asked to comment on at least four blogs that I had never commented on before. I’m kinda’ yappy online, so I had to sit back and do a little hunting.

I came across a charming garden blog, In Jim’s Garden. There were photos, of course, but interesting commentary as well. And not every post was of the garden. The latest post followed a cardinal as it sang a mating song. The blogger regretted that he didn’t have audio to follow it, but might someday.

I enjoy reading blogs about personal space, not the artsy kind, but the ones that celebrate the everyday: finding bright, red cardinals and savoring the springtime bluebells that grow in abundance. I’m living too far north to have bluebells in my fields (I think), so I get an education in flora at the same time I’m enjoying this walk through the meadows.

Singing in the Indiana Trees

I’m looking forward to seeing how things change over the year. You can come along for the ride, too, at:

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About My About

Here I am, back to Blogging 101 at WordPress Blogging University. I’m following up on an earlier assignment: to re-write my “About” page. I had a lot of fun doing that and now I have to create a blog post based on the new “About” page.

Hmmm. What makes me me?

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was an older kinda’ lady. Your perspectives change with age. I think that’s why they say, “Life begins at 50.” I really didn’t feel that way, but I did become a lot less tolerant of asinine behavior in those young whippersnappers. I just don’t put up with bullshit anymore. I’m tired of it. I talk back (politely) if and when I need to. Why put up with that kind of stuff? Life’s too short.

I got my cooking and gardening ways from my mom and dad (no, really?). My father was the cook in the house and he didn’t let us near the kitchen. As a result, I never learned to cook until I left home. Once I did, though, I went all the way with it. My sister, too. I’m more into the Mediterranean diet type of foods and she’s a connoisseur of all things Eastern European. I sometimes worry that she’ll end up with a heart attack from the number those foods have got to be doing on her arteries.

I go for the simple stuff and let the ingredients talk for me. In fact, the hubby and I just signed up for a local farm-share. Once a week, fresh from the farm. Starting June 10. Be on the lookout for photos!

Both my parents liked to garden. My mother was forever trimming weeds sprucing up the yard. I remember following her around as she planted geraniums and scattered grass seed on the front and back lawns. Once it started to pour just after we’d finished the putting out the grass seed. I could see seeds starting to run in little rivulets down to the curb. I tried to stop them, standing out there in the rain and getting soaked myself. I made little dams of my arms. I was so furious. We’d just done all that work! It must have been pretty strange for anyone else to see.

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Widgets…Hmmm, Widgets

Moving right along, now I’m supposed to personalize my blog. This serves as an introduction to widgets and it gave me some really good ideas. Duh, it never occurred to me to add special effects to my images (via PicMonkey, Pixlr or FotoFlexer) and upload them to my sidebar. I’ll try it once I get a hankering for fooling around with an image editor.

Since I was thinking about widgets anyway, I decided to go into my collection and sort them out a bit. I added and renamed a few. I don’t want it to get too long, though! I’m never finished playing, of course, so I suspect that sidebar is going to be morphing on a regular basis.

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To You, Dear Reader

Now that the holiday weekend is behind me, it’s time for some catching up. This blogging challenge – write a post to your dream reader – is making me think. Who is my dream reader? My blog covers a little bit of everything, so at first it seemed like there needed to be more than one.

Is my dream reader a foodie? A gardener? A lover of parks and easy walks? A fiction reader? A humorist?

Yes to all of these, and more. But, then I thought about it some more. What elements do these readers have in common? After a day of thinking about it, I think I’ve come up with an answer:

My dream reader loves a good story. That story may be about anything, but it needs to have a beginning, middle and end.

That’s as true for a short story as it is for a home-made vacation video. I always try to start at the beginning and make my way logically to some type of conclusion.

So, dear reader, I hope you’ll follow me as I go on my various adventures. And, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Now Come Along, Everybody
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A Penny For My Thoughts


I really like this Blogging 101 thing. It’s taking me back to the very beginning of things. Why did I start to blog? Good question.

First, I really like to write. I’ve kept journals since I was 14 and I still have those around somewhere. They were private musings by default, of course, but they kept me sane during some of my darkest days. It seemed only natural for me to start blogging once they came on the scene. These would be public musings, unlike my paper journals, and that changed my perspective, if not my voice. I had an audience!

I started blogging on Live Journal, back when it was a thing. I decided to start a “five senses” journal: sight, smell, sounds, touch, etc. It was a place for me to practice writing and it was hard work. I wrote about what I saw walking down a street in Boston, including my own reflection in mirrored skyscrapers. I saw the pavement, the sky, the people, the buildings.

I wrote another smell and touch-centered post following the death of a member of my extended family. Poles have a tradition of cooking a meal for the bereaved, so I took on that responsibility. I made a leg of lamb and brought everything to serve it with: food, platters, plates, the whole bit. I’m not sure what happened to those posts. They were good.

From Live Journal I moved to Vox and found a community more compatible with my age and interests. We all hung out for a long time until Vox decided to shut its doors and kick us all out. I ended up on WordPress, which I’d been using for other blogs anyway.

So, this is where I am and where I’ll stay.