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Drawing…at Last!

My First Free hand Drawing

Okay, it’s not a Picasso, but it’s mine. I did the drawing, based on a children’s drawing book of ancient Egyptian art. I drew it following a step-by-step guide, then colored it using a variety of color blending techniques.

I’ve been trying to get the hang of this, and I’m finding the easiest path forward is through the children’s section. I think it’s because the writers/editors aren’t making any assumptions about what a person already knows. If you’re eight years old, you haven’t had a lot of experience other than your own imagination. I find adult level beginners drawing books and videos to be much more frustrating. I have a feeling they don’t realize how much they’re unconsciously assuming about skill levels.

I find that true of all teaching, actually. I’m a very good teacher, because I take considerable pains to edit my own brain before starting out. I can use WordPress, but someone taking my Introduction to WordPress class probably has no clue. I start from that assumption and find that extremely helpful. I love that “oh, now I get it!” look from students who really hadn’t “gotten” it before, despite attempts to understand and use the tool. I may just have to break down and take an art class – but I’ll go through the ancient Egyptian art book first, using my eight-year-old eyes.

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A Year On

Newtown, Connecticut
Newtown, Connecticut (Photo credit: Dougtone)
Sandy Hook Victims

A year ago, more or less, a disturbed young man shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. He killed a number of 6- and 7-year-old children, along with some of the adults who either happened to get in his way, or who were trying to protect the children.

A year on and we have done nothing to stop this kind of thing from happening over and over. And that’s what it’s done – shooting after shooting after shooting. Scumbags at the NRA and other half-wits seem to have hijacked our political system and convinced a significant number of pretty stupid people that people were going to come for their guns.

They had to protect their 2nd Amendment rights, I guess. How about the rights of the children and adults were were gunned down for absolutely no reason at all? How about their rights? How about our rights to a safe and secure home and country? Put that up your pipe and smoke it, NRA. No – even better – put it up your ass.