Posted in Margy Tries to Exercise


I’m doing it. I’m telling you, I’m absolutely doing it. Getting back to the gym after a summer of injuries and oppressive heat.


Since my foot ached the last time it encountered a treadmill, I start with a walk around Spy Pond. It starts to rain, first gently, then more aggressively. I therefore walk FAST. 15 minutes. Not bad to start.

I spend the next 30 minutes searching for an online time tracker, so I can keep abreast of my progress. I finally realize that I’m being really stupid. Just write it in the f’ing blog.

I then visit my local Dahn Yoga center for a “Private Introductory Session.” I bang my meridians around, stretch, focus, stretch some more and then banish the cold, cruel and stressful world for the private peace of entry-level meditation.

Then I get stressed out again when the instructor tells me how much a membership will cost. Nonetheless, I will go to a class tomorrow. Tonight I will see how I sleep. Then we shall see!

More tomorrow!