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Hooray for Egypt!


Like many people, I’ve been following events in Egypt and was surprised and delighted to hear of Mubarek’s ouster. I hope democracy and peace follow – if not immediately, then eventually. I’m very happy for the people of Egypt and feel very proud of them. Good for you, Egypt. Show us how it’s done!

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I saw this picture, taken from a cell phone by someone in Cairo. According the person who took this picture, it’s of Egyptian Christians creating a protective wall around a group of Egyptian Muslims at prayer. That speaks to something for me. Thanks to @NevineZaki for this picture, which I downloaded for this post:


Other posts referred to the pride Egyptians of all types were feeling for their country, some for the first time ever. I hope for a good outcome. I hope also that the US, for once, accepts the will of the people there, rather than the dictators.