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An Afternoon at Leisure

Just got back after a charming few days in Portland, Maine. It’s been a long time since either one of us had gone on a vacation and we definitely need to do more of that. The hubby has one more full week left of free time before he heads back to his teaching job. We’ll try to sneak in some fun day-trips and other adventures before that happens.

Portland was wonderful, especially once we were able to get away from the tourist-y areas. We visited one of the islands dotting the bay. By that time I was hot, tired and thirsty. We stopped at a really charming (there’s that word again) inn and restaurant just up the road from the ferry landing. There was a big, wrap-around porch with seating for outdoor eating and drinking. We ordered a sampler of craft beers and sat out, looking over the water. The inn was gorgeously landscaped, with bursts of color everywhere. We were seated in two, very comfy rocking chairs (ah, the life!) and looked out over everything.

2015-08-06 15.51.42It’s just Maine all over!

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Vacation? Vacation!

Okay, just two days but that’s a record these days. We’re in cloudy Burlington, Vermont visiting the Shelburn museum. Primarily American folk art housed in historical buildings. Some of the structures themselves are museums, like an old steam boat that was moved two miles over land to get here.


The Ticonderoga ferried passengers across Lake Champlain from New York state to Vermont. And they did it in style.


Pretty amazing.