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An Afternoon at Leisure

Just got back after a charming few days in Portland, Maine. It’s been a long time since either one of us had gone on a vacation and we definitely need to do more of that. The hubby has one more full week left of free time before he heads back to his teaching job. We’ll try to sneak in some fun day-trips and other adventures before that happens.

Portland was wonderful, especially once we were able to get away from the tourist-y areas. We visited one of the islands dotting the bay. By that time I was hot, tired and thirsty. We stopped at a really charming (there’s that word again) inn and restaurant just up the road from the ferry landing. There was a big, wrap-around porch with seating for outdoor eating and drinking. We ordered a sampler of craft beers and sat out, looking over the water. The inn was gorgeously landscaped, with bursts of color everywhere. We were seated in two, very comfy rocking chairs (ah, the life!) and looked out over everything.

2015-08-06 15.51.42It’s just Maine all over!

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The Weekly Bean – on Friday

Hey – I actually took three whole days off last weekend! I read my book (yes, that paper thing you hold in your hand), visited my in-laws, did some gardening and drank up the sun. The tomatoes and basil are in the ground and the window boxes are up and ready. My beans are continuing to grow, as beans will do if you treat them properly. Now they have new neighbors, that’s all.

I also harvested a few heads of the lettuce and spinach and have put together a multitude of salads with them. Can’t wait for them tomaters!

The hubby took my picture next to my long postage stamp of a vegetable garden. I’ll send it off to my family as soon as they get their new computer.

And That's A Margy Growing Right There
And That’s A Margy Growing Right There
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Labors of Love

I’m still in Buffalo, NY (actually, Kenmore) tending to my mom. The improvements are slow, but sure. She’s less tired and steadier on her feet. She wants to walk around more and look at different things. I have a table of house plants set up in front of her chair, which I water and prune. I also bought a New Zealand Impatiens plant for her to enjoy. It’s a large planter which could hang from a porch railing, although I might just transplant it to the garden once she’s able to sit outside. Right now it’s a bit cold, but will probably warm up throughout the week.

We’ve passed a major hurdle in that we’ve had Medicaid approve of the coverage my mother needs, that is, 24-7. We’ll have aides throughout the day and at night. Once that’s in place and settled, I’ll be able to go home. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that I’m back with my husband in Arlington by the end of this month. We’ll see.

Working here is impossible. I get started then have to stop to do something. I have a laundry list of things to do and no opportunity to do them. Very frustrating. I feel much more sympathy for caregivers, now that I know what their life is like.

Here are the impatiens:

Flowers for Mom!

The flower pot is on the front porch. I bring it inside to show to her, especially as new buds open and bloom.

I’m exhausted and my back aches. I’ll be indulging in a massage tomorrow (Friday) and hope to rest up a bit over the weekend.

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I’m Crossing My Fingers and Hoping It’s Spring

The weather’s about right. None of this 80 degrees in early March stuff. The spring flowers are out and it’s been warm enough today to walk around in a T-shirt.

I’m crossing my fingers and toes. While I was at it, I decided to make an offering to the gods of spring with this video:

The music is courtesy of Dan-O Music, a wonderful musician who makes his work available to the public for free (hooray for Creative Commons!). Ya want some music? Here:

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To Fond Lovers

Saw the hubby last night, after a migraine laid me low. We had dinner, then I wandered upstairs to my new study to take off my computer and shut down for the night. As I entered the room, I saw this:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all!

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Flowers of Boston

Flower BedWeeping WillowFlowering Bush

I love flowers and trees of all description. The following were taken at a variety of different locations. I work not too far from the Boston Public Gardens so the flower bed and gorgeous weeping willow were taken there. A few weeks ago, when spring was barely along, I took the last photo on the right not far from the Arlington bike path.

It's so lovely this time of year: things aren't too hot yet and there's still a hint of freshness in the greenery. Soon enough it'll be oppressively hot, but for now things remain in balance.

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