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Jim, The Garden Man

Here comes another blogging assignment. Yesterday I was asked to comment on at least four blogs that I had never commented on before. I’m kinda’ yappy online, so I had to sit back and do a little hunting.

I came across a charming garden blog, In Jim’s Garden. There were photos, of course, but interesting commentary as well. And not every post was of the garden. The latest post followed a cardinal as it sang a mating song. The blogger regretted that he didn’t have audio to follow it, but might someday.

I enjoy reading blogs about personal space, not the artsy kind, but the ones that celebrate the everyday: finding bright, red cardinals and savoring the springtime bluebells that grow in abundance. I’m living too far north to have bluebells in my fields (I think), so I get an education in flora at the same time I’m enjoying this walk through the meadows.

Singing in the Indiana Trees

I’m looking forward to seeing how things change over the year. You can come along for the ride, too, at:

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To You, Dear Reader

Now that the holiday weekend is behind me, it’s time for some catching up. This blogging challenge – write a post to your dream reader – is making me think. Who is my dream reader? My blog covers a little bit of everything, so at first it seemed like there needed to be more than one.

Is my dream reader a foodie? A gardener? A lover of parks and easy walks? A fiction reader? A humorist?

Yes to all of these, and more. But, then I thought about it some more. What elements do these readers have in common? After a day of thinking about it, I think I’ve come up with an answer:

My dream reader loves a good story. That story may be about anything, but it needs to have a beginning, middle and end.

That’s as true for a short story as it is for a home-made vacation video. I always try to start at the beginning and make my way logically to some type of conclusion.

So, dear reader, I hope you’ll follow me as I go on my various adventures. And, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Now Come Along, Everybody
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I Cheated – So Sue Me

I’m slowly re-adjusting to life in Boston. I usually garden during the summer, but almost 8 weeks away from the soil left me with a whole lot of weeds and the prospect of some back-breaking work to clear them out.

Fuck that. I cheated! Called in a handyman and had him do the grunt work.

So, now my side yard is nice and clean, just waiting for veggies and herbs to plant. The front yard is weeded and mulched.

There, now. I feel so much better!

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Normal, Kinda-Sorta

It’s beautiful outside – warm, but not too hot and very sunny. I indulged myself and went for a longish walk while the morning and early afternoon health care aide kept an eye on my mother. My parents live in Kenmore, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. It’s a neat and clean little town with charming gardens and nice places to walk. I really miss walking, especially in Boston. Kenmore will do, at least in its nicer parts.

I walked up a side street until I came to a very pretty little corner with a municipal building and garden out front. There was even a little gazebo, surrounded by early summer flowers. I was surprised to see so few pedestrians on such a wonderful day. Back home there would be people everywhere on the street: mothers with strollers, joggers just off of the bike path, and folks walking bikes across the street with toddlers in baby seats on the back. Lots of Spandex, since we’re so close to the Minuteman Bike Path. Sigh. I’m getting lonely for home.

But, the stroll was nice. I stopped at a restaurant for a late breakfast and took my time getting back. I need to do more of that.

Mom on Porch

The weather was nice enough so that my mother could get herself outside and onto the front porch, with the help of an absolutely wonderful aide. we’ll do the same tomorrow.  When I got back both my mom, dad and the aide were sitting outside enjoying the view and the weather.

Delaware Avenue in Kenmore, NY

See what I mean about the lack of people on the street? Beautiful day, sunny and warm,, not too hot and nary a soul in sight. I saw a few folks walking here and there but, for the most part, the streets were completely empty. Still, it was beautiful.

Garden in Front of Municipal Building

This was one of the gardens I saw in front of the municipal building, which was built in the 1930s. It’s a lovely building, although I couldn’t really get a clear shot of it with my camera.


The gazebo, and the garden surrounding it, was lovely. Once my mom is sufficiently recovered, I plan to take here here for a little stroll. That might mean me pushing her around in a wheelchair, but I don’t mind. We have a good time together, mom and me.


There was a lovely snapdragon planted among the other flowers. I loved the color, so I took a picture. I just couldn’t resist!

I stopped for a late breakfast. The food was tolerable, but not great. Yes, I’m a food snob! However, I have been getting more greens into my parents’ diet since that’s how I eat. I’ve been chopping up salads and serving them, along with vegetable side dishes to go with the ever-present meat and potatoes.

I eventually wandered back to my parents’ home, passing some very pretty little gardens on my way back. I was particularly impressed with this tall rose bush:

Rose Bush

In the all-in-all, not a bad walk. I hope to get the same in tomorrow. Baby steps, but it did feel a bit more “normal.”


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I’m Crossing My Fingers and Hoping It’s Spring

The weather’s about right. None of this 80 degrees in early March stuff. The spring flowers are out and it’s been warm enough today to walk around in a T-shirt.

I’m crossing my fingers and toes. While I was at it, I decided to make an offering to the gods of spring with this video:

The music is courtesy of Dan-O Music, a wonderful musician who makes his work available to the public for free (hooray for Creative Commons!). Ya want some music? Here:

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A Day To Wander The Gardens

I suppose it’s a bit lame of me, being a gardening enthusiast and all, but I didn’t realize my own home town of Arlington, Massachusetts had its own garden club. In fact, it’s been around since 1931 or 1932! I found out about this about two weeks before the Arlington Garden Club Tour and today my co-owner Mary and I went to view the gardens of our own home town.

They were…gorgeous! Most were located in Arlington Heights, so a lot of them were terraced, and interspersed with burbling fountains, walkways and separate garden islands and/or areas. These are bigger houses with lots of land, but Mary and I came back with some inspirations. Enjoy!

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Flower Gardening for Normal People | BlogHer

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A Gardening We Will Go

A good friend of mine invited me to a garden tour in her home city of Somerville, Massachusetts. Somerville is tiny and very densely populated. I'm amazed there are any gardens there at all. But, boy, was I wrong! I took some pictures and am posting them here as a slideshow. Enjoy!

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