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Pit Stop

Braised Green Beans and Chick Pea Salad

It’s been a long and very hot week. I’ve been swinging from project to project and am ready to drop. I did stop the rope race long enough to host a cookout earlier this week, though. It was wonderful. We sat outside, taking advantage of the cooling breezes and dined on cumin and garlic marinated chicken breasts (sizzing on the grill outside), braised green beans, chick pea salad and a huge plate of veggies with various dips.

My guests brought drinks and dessert. Two of those guests are in the food business and brought things like home-made Belgian waffles (from a woman who is from Belgium and knows all about them), fruit-laden snack cakes and a blueberry-mascarpone roulade with a fruit compote topping. I also chopped up a fruit salad to top the waffles.

I’m going back into hibernation now. It’s supposed to get to 100 degrees or higher (don’t know the Celsius equivalent is, sorry!) and it’s hard for me to breathe out there. Very, very humid as well.

Stay cool, to those who are experiencing a very daunting summer in these parts.

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The Comforts of Home

I’m home, for the afternoon at least. I’ve been partially living at my in-laws, who continue to be kind-hearted and gracious hosts.

This experience makes me realize how much I miss my house, my bed, my office, my kitchen and my town. I was at somewhat loose ends today. I did have a few computer tasks to do, but I can do those anywhere. I drove home to do them, out of sheer loneliness for my own four walls. So, here I am. My laundry and my dinner are at my in-laws. I’ll be returning there tonight to finish chores, have a shower and then come back here to wait for the construction and plumbing crews. I’ll spend tonight here, reveling in the feel of my sheets and blankets.