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Kitchen Confidential

I seem to be getting the messy work of my life done all at once, which is a blessing in its own way. I’ve been undergoing a root canal procedure and, after several uncomfortable trips to the dentist, finally have my crown in place. I’m happy to be able to chew again without pain!

Our long-awaited kitchen renovation also started this week. The demolition team has been here and gone. We had two days of banging and plaster dust that got out despite layers and layers of plastic over the doors. Now we’re down to the occasional sounds of an electric drill as the carpenter frames the room. Sheetrock next, I hope!

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Calmer Moments

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Just Relax

Well, I did something good for myself this morning. My day started with an estimate from my insurance company: a rather piddling final estimate for repairs to my kitchen. This was not a good sign of how the rest of the day would go.

The first stage of relief came when I mentioned the amount to my husband. He thought that was not a bad estimate and was in line with what he thought the repairs would cost. I then went through my files and found my contractor’s estimate, which was about $2,000 higher than the insurance company. I think at this point I’m ready to drop this whole back-and-forth shit and call it done.

My chest was tight with tension, though. That happens when I get overly stressed. I start having trouble breathing and I can’t concentrate. Fortunately, I remembered that I’m trying to integrate more meditation into my day and decided to do a five minute online session. It really helped. My breathing calmed down, at least temporarily, and I felt more focused and centered.

So, want to try it for yourself? I started a five minute meditation at Enjoy!