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Margy, the Latke Lady

It’s not my holiday, mind you, but I do love sharing Hanukkah with my husband. We’re really a two-holiday household, and it’s fun when Christmas and Hanukkah come around at the same time, as it is this year.

We’ve been lighting candles on the menorah and singing the blessing that accompanies that act. My throat feels like it’s crawled through razor-wire – blasted cold! – but I’m managing to croak out the verses with my husband. He has a simple but elegant menorah, one he’s had since his childhood. Hanukkah candles are quick burning, and some of them didn’t quite make it through this summer. My husband squeezed one in that looked like a tree that had been bent in the wind. No matter, it glowed on!

I also decided to get the frying pan out this year and give my husband a plateful of latkes (potato pancakes if you’re a Polish Catholic girl like me). I figure he should have a traditional dish at least one night, while I’m running around decorating the house for Christmas and eating cookies. It didn’t look too complicated: shredded potatoes and onion, eggs, a little flour and some salt. Oil the pan and fry away. No problem. Just like regular pancakes. And they were good!

Latkes are traditionally served with sour cream and/or applesauce. I’m not a huge sour cream fan (I know, I should get a whipping for that, Polish girl that I am) so I loaded up on applesauce. The hubby – who will eat just about anything, but especially latkes – dished out gobs of sour cream.

Just a little sour cream…

So, latkes/potato pancakes/whatchamacallit flew off the serving plates and into our mouths way faster than they took to make. I gave them a tentative chew, this being a new thing for me and all, then gobbled them down:

And the hubby? Did I meet or beat his mom’s experienced hand? Were they okay? Were they? Were they?

I guess so! Have a wonderful holiday, y’all, whichever ones you follow. And don’t forget to light a candle for the solstice.