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Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Next to glass, I like lines the best. Their symmetry appeals to my over-ordered outlook on life. I was browsing the library a few days ago and decided to play around with that theme a bit:

One After the Other
One After the Other

It would look almost as good flipped on its side, since you can stack books either way.

One On Top of the Other
One On Top of the Other
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Connecting the Tall and Small

Well, I’m catching up, slowly but surely. The exercise for day six had to do with composition and connection. It took me a while to find a good photo for this. I wandered outside of the house yesterday – without my boots! – and paid a visit to the library. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. I decided to wander from floor to floor, just to see what I found there.

My inspiration came immediately, right at the staircase:

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Our library has an old and a new section. The stairway connects the two. The bannister is really interesting: tall people can hold the topmost bar, the wooden bar is set at average height. Tots have something to hang onto as well. So, all sizes, together. It’s a design element, I’m sure, but one that adds a very practical feature.

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She’s a Ninja! A Lucky Ninja!




I won a liberry ninja mug! Other cool stuff happened too, just today:

1. I found a new pair of headphones on the street. Obviously they had been dropped by someone who was long gone.
2. I found another place for my business networking group to meet. I’ve been going crazy trying to find a second location and now I have.
3. My first snail mail letter arrived, From Puyallup, WA. I’m in Boston, MA, so that’s all the way across the country.

But, the mug started the ball rolling. I was listening to my liberrycast podcast on my iPod last night. I usually listen to podcasts in bed, while I’m waiting to get tired. I’m a chronic insomniac, but that’s another story. I always start with Tales From the Liberrycast. As I was listening, I suddenly heard my name, my very own name, announced through my headphones:

“So the blog mug will go to Margy Rydzynski, at , who not only linked to the LiberryCAST site, but also wrote a nice blog entry leading into the link that included a picture of my cat Winston. And I know other people listened to the podcast due to her link because they posted in her comments that they had. Sweet.”

I sat up straight in bed, slack-jawed as I heard the announcement. I never win anything (except for a jar of analgesic cream and a business book. But a mug? Never!) I pulled off a multitude of covers and half walked, half stumbled to my husband’s study. “Guess what? Guess what?” I said.

He looked over his shoulder, away from the computer. “Yes?”

“I won a contest!”

Weird looks from the hubby. “Huh?”

“I just heard my name on a podcast. It was part of a contest and I won!”

“What did you win?”

“A mug!”

“A mug?” Then he nodded his head and smiled. “Neat! Congratulations.” We hugged and I went back to bed. And, eventually, I even fell asleep.

I will show my liberry-ninja mug to all my friends at the Robbins branch of the Arlington Public Library. And I’m going to tell even more people about the podcast.

Thank you, Juice, my story-telling friend. You made my day, or at least my night.

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The Juice Debut

The Library Ninja
Library Ninja Podcaster

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. I’m a fan of podcasts, particularly if the stories are humorous and well told. We all begin our literary lives by listening. Only later do we actually learn how to read and write. That goes for western history as well as our individual childhoods. In fact, people who never learned to read can still spin a good yarn. It’s in the genes.

So, anyway, about a year ago I came across a website and podcast from this guy called “Juice.” I figure there’s got to be a very young kid in this guy’s life and, if that’s the case, I hope the kid grows up to be the same irreverent smart-alec as his dad. Mr. Juice used to work in a small town public library down in the Appalachians (well, they’re down from me!) and ran into some interesting characters. Very interesting characters. With just enough fictionalization to avoid a lawsuit, he started writing about them in his blog. Then, he started talking about them in his podcast. Then, because I’m a fan of liberries everywhere, I ran across it on iTunes and started to listen.

This guy’s a hoot. His library rogue’s gallery (Gene, Gene the Genealogy Machine; Parka or Mr. B-Natural)  makes me wonder what my local branch thinks of all of its patrons. You know, that geeky one who never trims his beard? Or that harried lady with the two tornado-kids? Or that old-timer who keeps looking for the card catalog. Who’d have thought that the local literati were so…well…colorful?

But, hey, don’t take my word for it. Listen to his description of this particular patron: a hairy, computer-hogging, big-mouthed n’er do well, Parka. He’s named after the ballooning white parka he regularly wears:

Whack job, right? I love it!

You can visit the blog/podcast here:

There you go, Juice. Hope you get lots more folks listening along. You deserve it!