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A Month of Letters – Back this February!

I love this challenge. Participants agree to snail-mail an honest-to-god real letter, card or postcard to someone every single day in February. In the past I’ve had correspondents from as far away as India.

I haven’t done it in a while, but would love to take a shot at it this year. Only 7 days to go until it’s February!

Want to participate? You send me a letter and I’ll send you one. Here’s the website, which looks a whole lot like BuddyPress to me. If you haven’t registered, do that:

If you’re already registered, sign in with your user name and password. Then, LOOK FOR ME! My user name is:


Request a friend connection once you find me and we’ll exchange addresses. Doesn’t matter where you live. Like I said, I’ve written to people in India from Boston, MA, USA.

Hope to drop you a line in February!


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Letter Ninja

Well, well. I just finished writing a letter to a correspondent in France and I got my note off to a friend in India yesterday. In between I’m writing to folks all over the US. I can’t wait to start getting letters from them. I have to say, I’m enjoying this!

The blasted snow is turning into rain. There are little rivers running down our sidewalks, curbs and streets. I walk to work every day and come back with wet feet every time. Think it’s time for new boots?

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(Another) Month of Letters. Write Me!

Month of Letters
I’m in! How about you?

This one went right by me. I participated in a letter-writing challenge last February. The challenge? To write a letter a day to someone every day the post runs. I had a great time last year, going so far as India for the letter exchange (LG, I’m talking about you!). You can send anything you like – a hand-written or typed card, a postcard, a picture, a gift. I did a little bit of both last year.

Anyway, I’m adding a new Contact page to this blog. This way you can send me your address confidentially. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve lost the addresses I got from you last year.

I’ve got cards and plenty of stamps. Write me a letter and I’ll write you one back. Maybe I’ll even add a little surprise for you.

Here’s a link to more information:

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Post Office Burning

Mailing Rocks!

Just got back from the post office, with two items to be sent – gasp! – outside of the US. Thank you, Month of Letters. I’m making a dent in my pretty stationery and also burning through those lovely Civil War stamps of mine. Thanks to all of you who have decided to participate. I wonder if the postal service has experienced an increase in traffic because of it? I hope so, because I really like the post office. I just sent a letter and a small parcel to southern India and it cost me a grand total of $7.00. I mean, really, UPS would charge that just to send a magazine across town!

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Lick Your Stamps and Let the Games Begin

Let the Writing Games Begin!

I just dashed back from the mail box at the end of my street, having deposited my second honest-to-God real letter. This is going to be fun, and I’ve been getting addresses from all over the place.

Perhaps I’ll up the ante and send out some small parcels as well. What’s more fun than a letter in the mail? A package in the mail!

And I’m getting to use those pretty, big and fancy stamps I always buy at the post office. Most of the time they go on bills, which is kind of sad for those eye-catching portraits in miniature. Now they’re going onto real correspondence. Talk about a win for my aesthetic as well as for the US mail service!

The recipients of my snail mail spree will get a chance to see some wonderful little pictures of either the Battle of Bull Run or the attack on Fort Sumter. You guessed it, I bought a US civil war commemorative pack and have 10 stamps left. By the way, I also saw the fort when I visited a friend in South Caroline many years ago. It wasn’t on fire then.