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Come Do the Happy Dance With Me!

I’m done!

I finished my novel, including the epilogue, yesterday. It’s a steaming pile of crap, as first drafts always are. However, there’s enough there to tuck in and polish, chuck and add, when the editing phase begins. Right now, though, I’m just sitting back and feeling very proud of myself.

Getting this done in one month was no bed of roses. I knew it would be a slog, so I hired a friend of mine who’s a writing coach to be my official nudge. She has done her job and done it well. I’m done!

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Calling the Muse

This might be a good sign: I’ve started to feel like writing again. I hard just started NaNoWriMo last November when my mother’s death put an end to it. Since then I haven’t felt like writing. Now, I’m starting to think about it again. Good sign?

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Get Your Writing On

National Novel Writing Month 2012
I’m In!

It’s official – day one of NaNoWriMo and I’m at the computer, ready to go. Just to make things harder on myself, I’ve also enrolled in NaBloWriMo or National Blog Writing Month. If that doesn’t kick my creative juices, then I’ve truly become a dry well.

I’m psyched now, but the real challenge will begin when I have to work in 1,667 words into days when I’m working and teaching. Of course, I also have a house to maintain, with meals to cook and laundry to do. But, what the heck. I’m in!

Oh, and here’s something nice for the rest of you NaNo/NaBlos out there:

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I Won, I Won!

NaNoWriMo winner
She’s a Winner!

I went over 50,000 words this evening. I’m still not done, but I’ve cleared the first hurdle and boy, does it feel good. Actually, once I got past the mid-week equivalent (about mid-month), I could barely get myself to stop. I really want to finish this, but for now I’m going to gloat!

I won, in my first NaNoWriMo!

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Still Alive and Writing

nanowrimo - day 7 goal
nanowrimo – day 7 goal (Photo credit: paloetic)

Hello and happy post-Thanksgiving! I’ve somehow managed to find the time to write over the holidays, even though I’m out of town. Today I just finished two more chapters, for a total word count of: 48,705 words out of a total of 50,000. Looks like this baby’s going to be over that limit, but I’ll take myself out for a beer when I reach the minimum word count.

So, NaNoWriMo – you’ve got me going!