It’s snowing like crazy again and will do so for the rest of the day. Tomorrow is supposed to be clear and cold and I can already hear the shoveling in my mind. That’ll probably start later tonight, once the squalls are over.

car in snowy driveway
Aww, c’mon. You can drive through that

I have to say, I really miss the farm share runs. At this time of year, nothing’s fresh or local. Not up in New England, anyway.


2014-10-17 14.54.35

It’s fall in New England and, with the exception of the occasional hot spells, I can feel it. Days are shorter and the leaves are turning color and shedding to the ground. Pretty soon there’ll be nothing left but branches in the sky.

I don’t mind. I like change, even when it’s predictable. I’ve started teaching my WordPress class again – a certain harbinger of either spring or fall – and have taken out the winter pajamas. It’s warm today but I’m sure we’ll be back to comfortable, cool nights before too long.