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Getting Into The Spirit

It’s December. Time to get ready for Christmas, and the first such event without my mother. I’m not pushing myself too hard to ring in the holidays, but don’t want to sit it out, either. I’ll be heading back to Western New York with my husband and I’m looking forward to seeing my father, brother, sister and brother-in-law.

I’m trying to think of new ways to celebrate. Maybe have our Christmas Eve dinner at someone else’s house. Change the menu. Have fun with the family and spend time with them in ways I didn’t before. See if I can introduce new family inter-dynamics. Who knows?

There will be a holiday kick-off for the Town of Arlington on December 7, this coming Saturday. The lights are going up in the trees, local shops will be holding special sales and promotions and Christmas preparations will be in full swing. That’s when I’ll get the tree, which we always buy at the Boys and Girls Club. Maybe I’ll get new lights and other decorations for it. Like I said: mix it up a little. I think that will work!

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Coming Up For Air

I’m starting to regain my equilibrium after my mother’s wake and funeral. Everything was, thankfully, short. This is the first day after all that and I’ve pulled out the computer to start answering emails and otherwise getting back on track.

This will take a while. Being near my mother’s usual haunts is especially difficult, but I seem to be holding up.

Many of you have sent your condolences and I want to say thank you. It’s made a tremendous difference. I’m going to take things as they come. NaNoWriMo might have to wait another year, along with some other things I’ve been planning to do. The important thing is that I’m getting back to myself and am moving on from here.

My dad seems much more at peace than when my mother was alive. She was in very poor health and he carried the tremendous burden of her care. There were 24-hour aides and then a skilled nursing facility, but he still bore a tremendously heavy burden. I was worried about him, but he’s been far more resilient than I was expecting. My entire family has been, actually. I am grateful for that.

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Update on Mom

Thank heavens, my mother is doing well and has been transferring from the hospital to a rehab facility for senior citizens. She still has a cast on her foot from the break, but is also past the danger zone with the blood clots. She's still taking blood thinning medication and is starting to do some physical therapy to build up muscle tone.

She's clearer-headed and eating better, too. Evidently, there's been some clotting going on for a while, with resulting oxygen deprivation. It's clouded her thinking, which has – according to my sister and father – sprung right back.

Thank goodness. She's doing well. I'll be giving her a call to talk to her in person soon.

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Thoughts on a Quiet, Cold Monday

Today is Patriot's Day in Boston and a semi-official holiday. Boston is closed down for the holiday and for the Boston Marathon, an annual event on the same day.

My mother is out of the ICU and seems to be doing better, according to my sister. My thanks to all of you for your good wishes and support. My sister also said she's happy with the quality of care our mom is receiving. That's a load off of my mind, to be sure.

I'm in a warm-weather mood, even though the weather here isn't quite cooperating with that spirit. It's cold and very overcast. Nonethless, I'm using lemons, tahini, garlic, and yogurt to whip up some tasty dishes for dinner. We'll have a baked chicken with lemon, Brussels sprouts and rice pilaf. I put together a veggie and pita bread dip with tahini, garlic, yogurt and lemon juice. It's wonderful, and a great way to eat healthy. My brother- and sister-in-law put me onto the idea.

Otherwise, doing a few things here and there. I've been putting a lot of time into business planning and it's starting to show at last. Good!

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Tonight’s Miracle

 More on this later but:

My father saved my mother's life this evening. They're both in their 80s. A few weeks ago my mom had a fall and broke her foot in two places. She twisted her leg going down and there was a lot of bruising, as well as breakage. Unknown to anyone, blood clots had formed in her foot and had started traveling upwards. Eventually, one or more found their way to her lungs, starving her of oxygen.

As far as I can tell (I live 500 miles away and just spoke to my sister on the phone), my mother passed out from lack of oxygen. My father tried to wake her up for something, perhaps to get her to get ready for bed, but she didn't respond. My dad noticed the situation and started giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. After a few moments he got her breathing again. She's now in the hospital, in the Intensive Care Unit, recovering. They have her on blood thinning medication and are monitoring the situation.

Holy smokes. If that had happened to me, I'm not sure mouth-to-mouth would have even occurred to me. My dad's a hero. We're extraordinarily grateful he had the presence of mind to try and get her conscious and breathing again. I don't have the whole story, but I'm sure I'll be finding out more over the next few days.

Please cross your fingers for my mother. I'm not ready to lose her yet and neither is anyone else in my family.

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