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I love glass, especially when it comes to photographing things through it. It’s such an unpredictable medium, showing off itself, along with what’s behind it and what’s reflected in it.

Shop Window into the World

This is the storefront window of a arts gift shop in Arlington Center. They change their display every so often and I come by to catch up on the latest arrangement. On certain days, at certain times, you can see the world in front of, and behind, that window.

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Spring Scale

The hubby and I went for a brief walk along the Charles River. And -hooray! – We saw the very first sign of spring. I took this picture while standing on a footbridge over the river. We had a squad of hungry ducks and geese fellowing us around, which I also tried to photograph. Not sure I succeeded.


I was too far away, so I tried to zoom in and it got a little better.


They still look like bugs to me! But while I was shooting close up I spied a tree branch with tiny buds. I propped my elbows on the railing and snapped away.


Now that’s some perspective!

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Knowing I’m On The Street Where You Live

So, on to day two of Photography 101. I took advantage of a slight break in the weather to go out today and complete my assignment, which was to take a picture of my street. “My street,” of course, is a matter of interpretation so I took a bunch of photos with  my trusty cell phone camera (darn good little thing) and am trying to figure out which ones best suites the purpose.

For some reason I couldn’t get the song, “On The Street Where You Live,” from My Fair Lady out of my head.

I have often walked down this street before
But the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before
All at once am I several stories high
Knowing I’m on the street where you live

Jeez. And how appropos,! Ahem, ahem, memememememeeee


Snowy Sidewalk“I have often walked down this street before…” (sing it, now!)

Snowy Street“But the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before…”

Snow Bound utility box“All at once am IIIIIIIIII several stories high…”

Whittemore Street“Knowing I’m on the street where you live!”

You sounded great!

By the way, if you were born after 1964, here’s a refresher:

I’m afraid we’ll still have to wait for the lilac trees.

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Staycation No. 2: Rockport

Once we had our fill of Manchester-by-the-Sea, we moseyed on up to Rockport, at the tip of Cape Ann. It’s a famous (and very tourist-y) arts colony with plenty of galleries, boutiques, beaches and beautiful architecture.

We visit the north shore at least once every year and make sure we visit one shop in particular, the J. Lerch gallery on Bearskin Neck in Rockport. My husband and I love this guy’s photography. This year I got a very generous Visa gift card for my birthday from my father and my sister, so I decided to indulge a bit and buy myself one of his photographs. It’s a photo of an old-fashioned kitchen from Monhegan Island in Maine.

Kitchen by R. Lerch, Photographer

This photo is now on my table at home, waiting for an inspirational moment to hang it. Lovely. By the way, I nabbed this photo from the artist’s website, at Go visit and view his other photos.

We spent a lot of time just talking to the photographer, who also just happens to be a native of Buffalo, NY, my old stomping grounds. It was another treat in a day of treats – the chance to talk to the artist and find out what made him tick.

Rockport’s got some very pretty scenery: more coastline and cute little boats, along with tourist-clogged streets that nonetheless retain their charm and interest.

Pretty Boats!

And lots of galleries, along with ice cream shops, trinket shops and what-not.

La Tourista

We eventually went on our way, deciding that we (okay, I) was too hot and tired to do any more walking. We decided to forego Halibut Point State Park and just get on with dinner. For that we drove out to Essex and settled on a place called Periwinkles. It was my birthday dinner and we were both of the opinion that the meal should be a bit more upscale than a picnic bench at Woodman’s (not that Woodman’s is a bad place, mind you).

Time for Dinner!

We looked out over a cove with more boats. This time we actually got to see somebody take their boat out of the water. I find that very cool to watch. You back your boat trailer almost completely into the water, then get in the boat and drive it up onto the trailer.

And dinner? Well, fish of course, for me. What else, in the land of fish and fishermen?

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From: Elevate Me, Hike 56 (via 300 Hikes)

These stories are too good not to share. The photos aren’t shabby, either. Since I just got back from vacation, I know the old lazy thing.

Elevate Me, Hike 56 Sea level. Too low! Up up up is where I belong. I began among the ocean trees and devilish durians and followed the Cascade Head Nature Conservancy Trail as it steadily rose to a more comfortable altitude. The indolent hours of vacation had taken their toll. I climbed and climbed, afraid of staying on the ground for too long despite the weary trek. My wings were withering in the salty air and the buoyant water did little to lift the dead weight o … Read More

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