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The Tiniest Peek of Warm

Well, folks, I think spring might actually be en route. We had some snow on Sunday, but it’s all melted. The snow banks are slowly disintegrating. I’m actually starting to see sidewalks and landscaped features. It’s still cold and windy, but things are slowly looking up.

2015-03-17 16.21.05

There’s that little bit of warm, peeking out from behind the storm clouds. Meanwhile, I can hear the wind howling outside of my window and can see spatters of rain on the panes. I’m happy I’m inside, but it was nice to get out for a while.

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Dirty Nature

Well, here comes Janie-come-lately to the next Photo 101 exercise: Natural World and Leading Lines.

Right now the natural world is pretty disgusting. It’s cold and rainy out, threatening to turn to slush the minute the temperature starts to drop. The snow banks are exhausted and filthy and nothing has yet dared to poke its green head out. I tried to find something close to home and, after a few seconds wandering and getting wet, found it. I couldn’t figure out which orientation worked better, so I’m posting both pictures:

tree branch and snow bank

This will someday be a Rose of Sharon. It will be beautiful. Right now it’s emerging, cold and bare, from its snowbank womb. I like the way the branch parallels, or tries to parallel, the gutter to its left.

Or maybe this view is better:

branch against snow bank

You can really see the branch struggling here and there’s an interesting juxtaposition of the vertical branch against the horizontal stripes of the shingles and the front bay window.

It’s drab, dark and depressing, but it’s also a harbinger of better days to come.


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Beginning, Middle and End

Forget It. Just Forget It.

Yesterday was a crap-out from the minute I woke up to the wee hours of the next morning when I was still trying to get to sleep. It was cold and overcast, all day, just like today. I decided to finish up some errands yesterday and that’s when the trouble began. I meant to start at one store, then drive to the next. Only, I got it backwards, and as soon as I drove to the second store, I forgot how to get to the first one. As luck would have it, I left my cell phone and my GPS behind me at home. I couldn’t believe my brain. It just wouldn’t cooperate. So, I went to that shop, then came home and went to a different place for my produce. Hell with it.

I couldn’t figure out why I was so disoriented, like I was out of sync with myself. Was I just really tired? Depressed somehow? I was totally baffled and puzzling it over when my head started to throb. Oh, shit. Now that? Then it occurred to me that I might be having another migraine. I had one two days previously and wasn’t expecting anything like that. Was it the same migraine, or was I getting some weird two for one deal?

I asked the hubby to put together dinner and we feasted on some very tasty items I had brought home, or grown in my garden. I’m harvesting the lettuce, so we enjoyed that, along with a few spinach leaves, which are also in-season.

Then came the wonderful events of yesterday evening. I went to a doctor’s appointment down the road from me, since my calendar had given me a reminder. Waited. And waited. And waited. Finally left and double-checked the appointment card. Next month, on that day. I did get a very cold walk out of it, so I won’t write it completely off. And, I got to have dinner all that much sooner.

So, my perfect day ended with some very persistent insomnia. I take medication that, on occasion, makes my leg twitch. I had reduced the dosage but for some reason yesterday it just kept twitching. Then my brain just shot into high gear and I couldn’t turn it off.

I think I’ll blame this on the migraine. It can do a number on me.

I’m okay today, though.


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The Mint That Was Not Meant To Be

My (spear) mint is a ghost of its former self. It's big and bushy potted plant and has almost no taste. It's been regularly rained on and I wondered if that might be the culprit. It looks fine, but has no real taste.

Aaaargh! Any ideas for fixing this? It was aromatic a few weeks before, in drier times. However, the plant was too small to harvest at that time.

Thanks all!

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