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Now That’s A Sandwich!

Day two of exercise for the week – an hour’s walk from Arlington Center to Arlington Heights. It was a fairly mild day (for February) and I had some great music playing through my newly-found JVC headphones. I haven’t walked that way for quite some time and I’m glad that I’m able to do that again. I like watching things, especially the little, local shops that line Massachusetts Avenue. There are a lot of new ones and I enjoyed checking them out via their front window.

I came across a particularly pretty shop in Arlington Heights and just had to stop to see what was inside. It’s called The Savory Plate and they feed the world, or at least the part of it that comes in their door. All their food is home-made and fresh as can be. I walked in and immediately ran into a friend of mine there. Good sign! Two of the co-owners were there and we got to talking. It sounds to me like they really love what they do, which is good since they’re putting in long, long days at this early stage of their business.

I love chatting with people about their businesses, especially the ones who really love what they do. It’s a passion: I can see it in their eyes and in their faces. They’re exhausted, they’re putting out fires every day, and they love every minute of it. So, I decided to splurge and get myself a sandwich for dinner. The hubby won’t be home tonight until very late and I’m on my own for my evening meal. Why not let someone else make that dinner for me, for a change?

I got my sandwich and took the bus back home. Then I removed it from it’s silver foil wrap and – wow! – saw the following:

Now That's A Sandwich

Nom! If you live in Arlington, MA, go visit them on Massachusetts Avenue in the Heights.

The Savory Plate Website.

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Cold Day, Bad Food

Bah. That's my word for today. The cold weather has come back and I spent the day freezing in my unheated house. I did get an article written, so decided to take a break by going out for some lunch.

There's a wonderful place for lunch about a 10 minute walk from my house. At least, it was there before the recession hit. Now it's an empty storefront, or so it seems. I saw tables, but no lights and no customers. Some guy was inside doing something to one of the tables. Painting it? Varnishing it? I don't know. All I knew was that I wouldn't be getting lunch at that place.

There was another place advertising breakfast until 2:00 pm. I had plenty of time, so decided to stop in there for some buttermilk pancakes and bacon. Ugh. The pancakes were thick and mushy and soaked up the maple syrup the minute I poured it on. They were the absolutely worst tasting pancakes I think I've ever had. The bacon was okay but, hey, it's hard to ruin bacon.

To top it off, the meal was really expensive. The pancake-bacon thing was about four bucks, but they charged an extra two dollars (!) for coffee. And it wasn't even good coffee. I ate the bacon, made my way through about half of the pancakes before I simply could not stomach another bite, and then paid and left. How depressing.

Tomorrow is supposed to warm back up again. Dang – I could really stand to see the end of this. And I miss that wonderful little restaurant that seems to have succumbed to the cold winds of finance.

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