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Merry Christmas, Margy!

My New Toy

Well, I just finished tallying my books and was able to purchase a little gift for me and for my business. It’s called Camtasia Studio and it’s for people who want to make movies, tutorials and online screen-casts. Not cheap – about $300.00 – but it’s got everything including the kitchen sink. Since I was dumping a bundle, I also ponied up for a lapel microphone so my voice-over narrations will sound better than the Radio Shack $10.00 USB microphone headset I’ve been using.

As soon as I figure out how to use this behemoth, I’ll be able to put together some very nice documentation, slide shows and whatever else. Need a LinkedIn tutorial? A social networking tune-up for the biz? Fear not! I’ve got you covered. Fortunately, you can download a 30-day free trial, so I’m already familiar with the software. It resembles a souped up version of Windows Movie Maker in its most basic form. Fortunately, I’ve tinkered with that, too.

So, here I come in HD! I’m looking forward to playing with my very own copy.