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Dinner Tonight

Easy, fast, delicious. Greek pasta with spinach and feta cheese.

All you need is a can of tomatoes, canned white beans, spinach and feta cheese. I added fresh basil, oregano and garlic. Dump a large can of chopped tomatoes into a frying pan, add the herbs, garlic and beans and cook for ten minutes. Wash and chop 10 oz of spinach and add. Cook another 10 minutes. Serve with crumbled feta on top of chunky pasta.

Good and sans meat.

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First Day in the Garden

It was warm yesterday, sunny and dry. Time to get my rake and shovel out! I had at it for an hour or two, teasing out some very tenacious weeds. I think some of them were baby Maple trees that had taken root last summer. Getting those f***ers out was a job. I’m still working at that, but was able to clear enough soil to put in lettuce, spinach and chives. I’ve got two pots of mint that I have to transplant and two type of beans to plant, but that was enough for one day.

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Two Steps Forward

Gah! Will this winter never end? Last week it was sunny and in the 60s, then it started to rain – a lot – and now it’s gone down to near or below freezing.

I decided to get a start on the garden during those warmer days and also decided to keep a record of what I’m doing (thank you Evernote). The plant nursery had its early spring assortment out and I came home with two types of mint, lettuce, spinach and chives. Not a bad haul. I knew it was supposed to rain the next day, so I decided to let them sit in their pots until it dried up.

My Perky Little Spring Garden

It rained. At one point, I could have sworn I saw Noah’s arc floating down Massachusetts Avenue. Then came the snow. I woke up yesterday and saw snow on the ground and roof tops. My plants! I threw on a pair of pants and brought them in from the cold. They did not look happy, so I put them in a sunny place in the kitchen.

Snow in yard
Damn This Winter Anyway

They recovered, fortunately and I brought them back outside today. Now it’s just a waiting game between old man winter and my spring garden.

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Hmmm. Dinner. Yes, Dinner


Back from the farmers market with a tasty haul. Lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh mozzarella and a chicken breast I’ll season and broil for the top. I’ll also toss in the spinach I picked up last week, which is still fresh and crisp.

I also picked up some beans with their greens. Any ideas for what I could do with them?


Ah, summer!

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All Present and Accounted For

I put in another round of veggies, the last for at least the time being. The front yard is coming into bloom and looking prettier every day. I still have to lay mulch, but the bulk of it is done. I transplanted some mint to a larger pot and it'll be much happier now. Watered everything down, probably just in time for the next rain storm.

Here's the whole front yard in its greening glory!

The pansies are extremely colorful this time of year.

I wish I knew what this was. The foliage is rose-like, including thorns, but I don't recognize the flower.

Here's another picture of the flower. Any ideas? Is this some kind of rose?

Here are some veggie pictures now:

My transplanted mint, looking a little peaked. I'll perk up now that it's got more room!

Put in two tomato plants. One's an early producer, the other one isn't.

Can you see my shadow on the left? The plants will enjoy all that sun!

I planted a bunch of basil this year. It's still in the baby stage, but we'll be pesto city in a few months. Not to mention basil and tomatoes. Get some fresh mozzarella and drizzle olive oil over it…yeah!

Before then, though, we'll have plenty of strawberries. I'll bake up some shortcake and serve it with the berries and whipped cream.

Last but not least, here's my spinach. Give it a month or so and we'll have plenty of the healthy, dark green veggies on our table. I like it best raw, in salads, or mixed into a stew or soup.

More later. Let me know if you can identify the red flower!

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