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The Devil in the Wind

They call them nor’easters up here: howling, maniacal weather that blows down small trees, power lines and any other object stupid enough to be built in its way. They don’t respect the calendar. Nor’easters clobber Boston with rain or snow and leave a trail of havoc behind.

I drew up the shade in my bedroom this morning and, at first, could see nothing except more snow on the ground. Where was the storm? Then I looked again. The street looked hazy somehow, as if a fog had descended. Then I noticed the snow, blowing sideways so hard that I could barely see it. Well, okay then. Here’s our storm. It’s the devil in the clouds and in the wind. It’s dark out by now and I haven’t opened an outside door all day. Schools have been canceled for today and for tomorrow. Tomorrow’s high? 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Ah-yep, We’re in For a Nor’eastah

Get out the raincoats!

Nor’easters. Nasty bit of New England weather. We’re due for one this week and I think it’s already started. Wind, rain and plenty of bluster. I went out this morning when the sun was still shining in a bright blue sky and returned just as the clouds were rolling in. I’ve been sequestered in my office all day since then. I’ve gotten quite a bit of work done. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime music.

This weekend will probably be, well, a washout. On another note, our contractor came by this morning to lay out a temporary kitchen, since they’re going to start demolition on our kitchen on Tuesday. We’ll have a small fridge, microwave, toaster oven and coffee pot. They even brought in a table so we could have a place to put them.

The beginning of a mess
The beginning of a mess

Good think it’s going to be stormy this weekend, because we have a whole kitchen to clear out. I got a start on it last weekend, but the whole thing’s got to be cleared out by Monday. Packing boxes? Check. Garbage bags for all the junk that’s accumulated in a foodie’s kitchen for the past 16 years? Check.

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It’s snowing like crazy again and will do so for the rest of the day. Tomorrow is supposed to be clear and cold and I can already hear the shoveling in my mind. That’ll probably start later tonight, once the squalls are over.

car in snowy driveway
Aww, c’mon. You can drive through that

I have to say, I really miss the farm share runs. At this time of year, nothing’s fresh or local. Not up in New England, anyway.

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HOW Badly is it Snowing in Buffalo?

I’m cold but comfy in Boston, but my family in Buffalo is watching a major snow storm rage by. Buffalo, for those who know it, is no stranger to snow but this is a real record-buster. My family lives a bit north of what’s called the snow belt in the south towns. Kenmore is okay. Orchard Park? Forget it. My dad is staying with my sister, even though he lives only one block away, in Kenmore. My brother also has limited snow since he also lives nearby. However, one of his buddies lives directly in the path of Brother Storm and sent over these pictures:

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Yes, there’s a pile of snow outside. My husband is having a hard time opening the doors to get out of the house. Huge drifts with people digging out their walkways and snow up to their waist on either side of their shovel,

So what else is new?

I just don’t understand all this attention. Oh my God! There’s a snow storm!! In February!!! In the US Northeast!!!!

Excuse me, but…this is February. This is the Northeast. We’re supposed to have snow. It’s wrong when we don’t get any, or enough. Our local ecology depends on snow cover over part of the year. And what are those cross-country skis going to do, glide over bare pavement?

So, yes, snow please. About time.

And get those shovels out. Come on, you remember how.

 Snow in front of door

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Wanderings From A Very Wet World

Well, we seem to have weathered the worst of Sandy. I understand it’s still semi-raging in the New York/New Jersey area but nothing besides rain here in Arlington. We were lucky: our house did not lose power (just some flickers) and no trees blew over in our front or back yard. A few others in town weren’t so fortunate. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping the US eastern seaboard is up and running sooner rather than later.

The pictures from New York City are heart-breaking. Pretty massive flooding. Damn.

View from the front door
View From Our Front Door Yesterday Afternoon
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This is Called A Microburst

And it happened in East Arlington yesterday, July 18. I live in Arlington Center and could swear we were being subjected to a hurricane. The weather service disagreed, but the effect was the same. Nothing like this happened over here, though. “Over here” means just down the street, though. Yow!

downed tree
Microburst. More like rip-roaring crazy.

For more unbelievable pics, go to: