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Garden Update

I found another horn worm this morning, a much smaller one. It was also covered with wasp larvae, which means it was destined to become lunch for hungry baby wasps. I snipped the branch it was clinging it to and gave it the brick treatment that Aram used on a much bigger and healthier one. That little mother's dead and I hope the larvae all go the same route, to the great tomato plant in the sky.

The garden is looking pretty good, though, at least some of it. I've given up on the front yard. All the rain has caused it to become grown over with grass and weeds. Given my current back condition, I'm certainly not going to be weeding and turning soil anytime soon. There are still nice plants in there, but everything's overgrown.

The peony is not doing well and hasn't been for a while. I don't know if it's the location or the weather or the soil, but it's dying off. I'll leave it until next year and see if it does any better. The snaps are still fine and blooming away. I think the season may be over for the day lillies, though. They're turning into gray stalks, although one plant still seems to be sending up blooms.

The window boxes are fair to middling. Again, I think the rain has clobbered them. Some are okay and some are not. I'm continuing to water them, on the days they need it, and hoping they make it through the season intact. If not, I'll upend them in the back yard and try it again next year.

I never got around to replanting the mint, so it's gone, too. I'm being philosophical about it. I can only do so much, so am keeping attention focused on the tomatoes and the herbs. It would have been nice to have mint, too, but between a crazy work schedule and then a back injury almost immediately after that ended, there just hasn't been the chance to do everything I wanted to do.

I've got thyme and basil a'plenty, though. They're both looking bushy and healthy:

I've got some big, green tomatoes, too. I'm surprised I've gotten any at all, given the weather and the latest blight of horn worms. They seem to be coming in, though, and for that I'm happy:

Overall, can't complain.

Finally, Rosie's Iris are hanging in there, tough as can be. My husband accidentally went over them with the lawn mower and they're still going, albeit looking a bit cut down. Hearty little guys!

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