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An Afternoon at Leisure

Just got back after a charming few days in Portland, Maine. It’s been a long time since either one of us had gone on a vacation and we definitely need to do more of that. The hubby has one more full week left of free time before he heads back to his teaching job. We’ll try to sneak in some fun day-trips and other adventures before that happens.

Portland was wonderful, especially once we were able to get away from the tourist-y areas. We visited one of the islands dotting the bay. By that time I was hot, tired and thirsty. We stopped at a really charming (there’s that word again) inn and restaurant just up the road from the ferry landing. There was a big, wrap-around porch with seating for outdoor eating and drinking. We ordered a sampler of craft beers and sat out, looking over the water. The inn was gorgeously landscaped, with bursts of color everywhere. We were seated in two, very comfy rocking chairs (ah, the life!) and looked out over everything.

2015-08-06 15.51.42It’s just Maine all over!

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Vacation? Vacation!

Okay, just two days but that’s a record these days. We’re in cloudy Burlington, Vermont visiting the Shelburn museum. Primarily American folk art housed in historical buildings. Some of the structures themselves are museums, like an old steam boat that was moved two miles over land to get here.


The Ticonderoga ferried passengers across Lake Champlain from New York state to Vermont. And they did it in style.


Pretty amazing.


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Staycation No. 1: Manchester-by-the-Sea

We won’t be making it to Maine this year. By the time I looked, all the cabins were booked solid for August. So, we’re going to indulge in a few day trips instead. There’s plenty to do in this area. We’re quite fortunate.

Mini-trip number one: a day in Cape Ann on the north shore of Boston. Beautiful coastline, trendy little towns and lots of pretty views. This year one town, Manchester-by-the-Sea, had a street fair for us to enjoy. We did, staying quite a bit longer than we usually do.

Festivities in Manchester
Art on the Sidewalk

The festival featured local artists and musicians, along with a library book sale. The hubby wanted to visit the interior of the library, because he know – he just knew – that it would be very interesting inside. He was right!

Of course, artwork and memorial buildings were only one part of the festivities. Manchester-by-the-Sea (isn’t that a cool name?) has a beautiful harbor overlooking the ocean. It’s dotted with pretty little boats from one end to the other.

Pretty Little Boats

Powerboats aren’t the only users of the water. As we wandered around the perimeter of a little park we came across these:


Nice way to spend an afternoon, eh? Just lazily paddling along, then pulling up to shore whenever it’s time for lunch or a breather. No, not bad at all!

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Vacation Rainbows

We never found the pot of gold, but the rainbow made the rain worthwhile!

Vacation Rainbow

We somehow missed most of the rain on the Finger Lakes portion of our trip. It poured when we were indoors and cleared up just as we were leaving the buildings!

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Chicago Days, Chicago Nights

I haven't been to Chicago in a dog's age, so really enjoyed the chance to go while on vacation. I never knew Chicago had so many gardens and parks! It was gorgeous. And the weather? Perfect: dry and cool, with beautifully blue skies and puffy white clouds.

I hooked up with my friends Rosie and Deb for this vacation. Our hotel was near the lakefront, on Diversey Avenue. Very nice. Very nice indeed. The day I arrived Rosie and I went walking and encountered Lake Michigan. It was a gorgeous, sunny day.

We arrived at a marina, one of the biggest I've ever seen. Since I live in a city on the Atlantic Ocean, I've seen a lot of big marinas. This one was no slouch.

You can see Chicago in the background. And isn't that a beautiful sky? After a spring and summer of clouds and rain, it was a welcome sight.

Boy, you can't beat that view. Sun! OMG – sun!

Rosie and I also visited a very nice little zoo along the waterfront. On the way, we stopped at a nice little park with a lilly pond. I could have spent all day there:

Now remember, this is the Chicago waterfront. On the other side of the greenery is a multi-lane high-speed road. But, all reigns tranquil here.

Really pretty. I love the rock slabs. In fact, they'd used the design to create a little waterfall in the park, here:

I'm the type of person that will sit next to a feature like this, pull out a notebook and just start writing, taking pictures, or sitting still and thinking.

We hooked up with our friend Deb the next day. The day after that we took a trip downtown for a lovely boat tour of  Chicago's architectural sights. Chicago is famous for its architecture and I can now see why. It's going to require a return visit.

And, I got treated to lunch at a restaurant there – since it was my birthday. Afterwards I rounded up Deb and Rosie for a photo. A considerate passer-by offered to take a picture of all three of us. Well!

Hint: I'm the short one. The women in the middle, with the cane, is Rosie. Deb's on the end. We meet at last!!

And look at the weather, will ya??

Oh, and Rosie will have my hide if I don't show you this picture. We found a nearly naked statue of the poet Goethe (no, I'm not making this up). I think it's a bit idealized. Unfortunately for Rosie, his privates were strategically hidden by a rather skimpy cape wrapped about his neck and breezing around (ahem) from there. Rosie was very disappointed. Good thing it was too talk to climb. We'd have been arrested for sure. He's also got some kind of bird perched on his leg. I don't know Goethe. I'm sure there's a reference there somewhere, but I don't get it:

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