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HOW Badly is it Snowing in Buffalo?

I’m cold but comfy in Boston, but my family in Buffalo is watching a major snow storm rage by. Buffalo, for those who know it, is no stranger to snow but this is a real record-buster. My family lives a bit north of what’s called the snow belt in the south towns. Kenmore is okay. Orchard Park? Forget it. My dad is staying with my sister, even though he lives only one block away, in Kenmore. My brother also has limited snow since he also lives nearby. However, one of his buddies lives directly in the path of Brother Storm and sent over these pictures:

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Cold Days, With A Warming Trend

So, January was completely snowed in and I got the cold-from-Hell that lasted most of February. But, slowly and steadily, I’m getting back onto my feet. I’ve got new classes to teach and old ones to prepare for. My business group is having its first meeting in April. I’m hoping the weather will be a bit more cooperative by then.

I finally bit the bullet and started to hire cleaners for the house. It costs, yes, but I can already feel my stress levels going into decline. I grew up in a very clean house, which means that dirt and clutter make me crazy. I’m happily married to a chaotic packrat, which has been a challenge all these years. Wish me luck!

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Yes, there’s a pile of snow outside. My husband is having a hard time opening the doors to get out of the house. Huge drifts with people digging out their walkways and snow up to their waist on either side of their shovel,

So what else is new?

I just don’t understand all this attention. Oh my God! There’s a snow storm!! In February!!! In the US Northeast!!!!

Excuse me, but…this is February. This is the Northeast. We’re supposed to have snow. It’s wrong when we don’t get any, or enough. Our local ecology depends on snow cover over part of the year. And what are those cross-country skis going to do, glide over bare pavement?

So, yes, snow please. About time.

And get those shovels out. Come on, you remember how.

 Snow in front of door

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Get Your Galoshes Out

It's pouring sheets, has been since earlier this evening. Just stopped to double-check email before falling into bed and – maybe – actually sleeping. Suddenly, fffsssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh…down came the rain. Quite the sound.

Lots more predicted for tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a fiction writing day! Yes, I've started carving out actual time to start doing this again. Hooray!

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