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The Color of Boring

I have a routine medical procedure on Monday and there are a few days of dietary prep involved. I wish I could say I was a happy girl today, but I can’t be joyful after several days of white food. Whole grains are forbidden, as are fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. I can have canned vegetables and fruit, which are awful by the way. I can also have Jello, clear broth, applesauce and smooth peanut butter.

In a word: boring. I’m also really hungry all the time, since most of the food I eat falls unequivocally into the “forbidden” category. Actually, the worst is yet to come, but I won’t subject you to that. Let’s just say that I’m really looking forward to Tuesday.

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Ta Da!

The Whole Bread and Nothing But the BreadWell, okay! They’re out of the oven and that was easier than I had expected. I’m used to fancier breads that require more time and care. Maybe I’ll mix up a batch of sour, so I can knock out a few sourdoughs.

Hope they’re okay. They look fine, but my temperature gauge has gone missing. They look and smell done. I’m used to both of those as criteria.

Next: cool and eat!

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Bread Will Be Bread

Yes, it certainly takes its time, although I’m a bit surprised at this recipe. The dough basically rested for 10 minutes after I’d finished mixing it, then went right into the pans. Of course, this being a sponge bread method, it took about a half hour to 45 minutes at the very outset so maybe that’s where the first stage ended up taking its time.

Bread Dough RisingAnyway, I divided and shaped the dough into two loaves, which are patiently resting, covered, in a warm spot.

Bread in Bed
Bread in Bed

No peeking until they’re ready!

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Live-blogging Bread

Bread EquipmentToday I am baking. I haven’t baked a loaf of bread in years and now that 2013 is behind me I want to give myself more fulfilling activity. Last year was tough – actually, the last year and a half. A lot fell by the wayside, including aspects of my health. My doctor is telling me I need to de-stress and I’m taking her advice, with health and fitness activities and meditation. So, I’m hoping for a better, healthier and more prosperous 2014. Today, bread will be my guide.

I’m starting out small. No fancy whole grains or anything else, just a simple, white loaf that’ll come out of the oven this evening, just in time for dinner.

Sponge-Bob Bread Pants
Sponge-Bob Bread Pants