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New England Winter Wonderland

I woke up this morning to the sound of wind howling against the windows. It was cold in the room, so I curled up beneath the covers and listened. I could hear my husband in the kitchen, dutifully grinding up the coffee beans and getting my essential morning beverage into the brew stage. Eventually, I got up too. I quickly put on a somewhat threadbare bathrobe. It still keeps me warm, though. The hubby was off to visit the dentist by the time I wandered into the kitchen to pour my first of many cups.

Man, when it decides to snow in New England, it isn’t kidding. I grew up in Western New York, another notorious location for snow, so I know my white stuff. I eventually made my way outside, en route to a physical therapy appointment (my knees are getting old, along with the rest of me). I noticed that my front porch collection – candles, stone owl and the rest – were snowy but otherwise undisturbed. I’m impressed.

I decided to go for a very short foray outside, to get some air and exercise. I’ll have to do that more, but with a bit off additional layering on the inside. It’s cold out, baby.

Enough Snow For Ya?
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Cold Blow And The Windy Night

It's Winter on My Front Porch

Well, we’ve reached winter for sure this time. We’re in the first day of a massive nor’easter, a/k/a a very windy snow storm. It’s howling and blowing its head off out there. My candles and Mr. Owl on my front porch are not happy campers right now. I don’t blame Mr. Owl one bit for turning his back on me in the above picture. I should bring him in once I can open the door without it blowing off its hinges and flying down the street. As a matter of fact, I should bring in the candles, too. We’re not going to be lighting them for the next few months.

I looked out of my front door and saw snow falling sideways. I got my camera, because I just love to share. No, I did not open the door.

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There Goes the Sun –

And a happy winter solstice to all of you on this side of the earth!

There Goes the Sun –

The winter solstice will occur on Tuesday, December 21. I think of this event as the natural predecessor to Christmas, at least in Europe. I honor the season by bundling up against the cold and admiring the snow fall which has just visited our fair city of Boston. There’s a beautiful dusting of white out there, just in time!

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Winter Scenes, Finally

Well, hello there fellow Vox'ers. I'm just coming up for air, since I'm in the middle of a major project which will, hopefully, be income-producing as well.

I just thought I'd mention that we finally got snow yesterday. I hope everybody in the DC/Maryland area is enjoying a respite. We got wet stuff yesterday, coming down in heavy, white clumps. It's very attractive on the trees during the day. I peeked out last night at it as well. In the yellowish glow of a neighbor's back-door light, the snow-rimmed trees were downright eerie:


Weird, huh? Kind of looks like a ghost moon over ancient ruins.

The scene was a bit more familiar with morning, though:

Pretty, isn't it? Wet and miserable to shovel, though. My husband is outside as we speak, starting in on the slop.

But, the scene from above (and inside!) is quite serene. Enjoy:

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Wintah in Ahlinton

Woke up this morning to snow, snow and more snow. It just now stopped coming down (say, around 3:00 pm-ish). Aram went to play with his parents' snow blower. Actually, he and his brother have conspired to make it an appliance their father will absolutely want to use. He's in his late 70s and still goes out to shovel, bad back and all. Not good but, like my husband, he's stubborn and resistant to change.

Scnowing through the screenSnowing on my front porchSnowing on the bushesSnowing the house downWhere's the car

I'll let my husband fight that battle, though. For now, I've got an afternoon to putter and decided to finally bring my laptop computer to my office upstairs. That means considerable moving and vacuuming, but that's been long overdue. I'm happily sitting in my new location with printer and scanner actually attached to the laptop – first time ever! No more running up and downstairs from one computer to the other to get something scanned or printed. And, if/when I need to, I can disconnect all the cords from the laptop and take it on the road.

It's still a tangle of wires, but at least there's less dust. I'm trying to figure out how to handle all the cords, or at least figure out which one is which once I pull out the lot to take the laptop on the road. Hmmm. maasking tape and a felt-tip pen?

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Can You See It Snowing?

Snow is an unpredictable phenomenon in these global warming days. Some seasons it rears itself huge and ugly with storm after storm. More often, though, it's a vanishing act with pallid attempts at longevity. It invariably melts to nothing even after it comes down sideways, blown by harsh winds and sloppy, rather than frigid, temperatures.

Boston's had some significant downfall this season and a lot of it is still around. It looks the way I remember all winters looking: little mountains of snow banked against the part of the front lawn between the sidewalk and the street and a dusting of white everywhere, including cars, front porches and sidewalks. Today, though, I actually saw it snow and more than once in a day before disappearing once again. This morning's snow was light and small, blown here and there by the winds and settling down comfortably on top of the snow mounds already on the ground. It turned to rain shortly afterwards, though. I was disappointed. I wanted to see snow and not rain.

A few hours later the snow started up again but this time the flakes were heavy and fat. It was pretty amazing to see and it looked as if it might actually stick around for a while. Alas, that was not to be either. I did run out with the new video camera my parents got me for Christmas and took some footage of it, though:

I hope you can see it coming down, and also get a sense of how the snow has banked near the street. We haven't had this much in a while. It really does feel like winter when I look outside of my door. Perhaps that will spur my 2008 muse, which has been on vacation along with the rest of me this holiday!

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