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Enter Life as it was Before

Weeks have passed and I’ve returned to my kitchen life as normal, except prettier and with more room. Half of the kitchen is still in boxes throughout the living room, dining room, pantry and back hall. Now that I have a totally new layout it’s a challenge to figure out where to put everything.

I feel proud of myself today. I actually completely updated a website of mine that’s languished for years. I run a social media consulting business on the side (the side of what? Dunno.) and it’s been out of date forever. I finally decided to tear the thing apart and put the relevant bits back while dumping the rest. I suddenly realized I had a sell-able product that was sitting there, ready to go. I was working so hard on integrating this product (WordPress tutorial videos) somewhere else that it didn’t even occur to me to add it to this second site as well. I blame it on age. and the kitchen. Yes, definitely the kitchen. Its fault entirely. After $45,000, it’s got to be responsible for something!

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Ouch! These Old Eyes.

At this point I’m holding my eyelids open with toothpicks, but at least I now know how to set up a forum on It was kind of inevitable – at this point I have several classes of students who’ve taken my class and want to get ongoing support. It’s a rudimentary setup, going across two platforms, but it should at least get things off of the ground. Phew! And it’s only Monday.