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I’m doing it. I’m telling you, I’m absolutely doing it. Getting back to the gym after a summer of injuries and oppressive heat.


Since my foot ached the last time it encountered a treadmill, I start with a walk around Spy Pond. It starts to rain, first gently, then more aggressively. I therefore walk FAST. 15 minutes. Not bad to start.

I spend the next 30 minutes searching for an online time tracker, so I can keep abreast of my progress. I finally realize that I’m being really stupid. Just write it in the f’ing blog.

I then visit my local Dahn Yoga center for a “Private Introductory Session.” I bang my meridians around, stretch, focus, stretch some more and then banish the cold, cruel and stressful world for the private peace of entry-level meditation.

Then I get stressed out again when the instructor tells me how much a membership will cost. Nonetheless, I will go to a class tomorrow. Tonight I will see how I sleep. Then we shall see!

More tomorrow!

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I took a Yoga class this evening, the first in well over 10 years. I joined a local health club – hurray for me! – and decided to start small, with a little stretching and meditation.

Yoga is a physically beautiful practice. The poses are as elegant as they are good for you. I stretched my back, my feet, my thighs, hips, shoulders, hands and neck. Some of it was quite a workout for out-of-shape me, but even with that it was beautiful to watch in the mirror as we went from pose to pose – child, warrior, cobra, downward dog, cat, cow. The most beautiful for me are the sun poses (I think they’re called sun poses…). You inhale, bring your arms up over your head in a circle, then exhale and bring them back down again. It’s like welcoming the sun every time you do it. Even breathing is its own exercise and does wonders to calm both body as well as mind.

For all the beauty, I was pretty stiff and sore after the class. I have some stretching and strengthening to do, that’s for sure. And I’m downing ibuprofen a bit more than usual!

This Thursday will be the start of a month-long program of cardio-vascular and strength-building exercises. It’s called the “Mush to Muscle” program. I’m definitely on the “mush” end of the scale. I’m thinking ahead to long walks and bike rides this summer, though. I’m also looking forward to more energy and stamina, less muscle pain and stiffness and greater overall well being.

Hooray for me! I’m doing something good for myself…for a change!